Is Your Ex Flirting with You? Use a Spyware to Gauge If He Has Feelings for You

Is Your Ex Flirting with You? Use a Spyware to Gauge If He Has Feelings for You

You met him at a party. You fell in love. You dated for a time, but then things started to fall apart. One fight led to another and eventually you end up parting ways. After some time the old flame has re-ignited and your ex-beau is once again flirting with you. Wondering what does this mean? Why is your ex-boyfriend flirting with you again? Well, there could be several possible reasons.  

  1. He is a Sinister: There is a possibility that your ex-partner is flirting with you again because he still wants to maintain physical relations with you. Despite the fact, you broke up it seems he is still attracted to you and might be hoping that you give him a chance to have intimate relations with you without having any responsibilities of a committed relationship. Be wary if you suspect your ex-lover is doing this or you will end up hurting yourself once again.    
  2. He is Comfortable with You: Another reason could be that he is extremely comfortable with you. It happens when you have remained friends even after the breakup and flirting might be the way he used to communicate with you. Though he knows you are just friends with him, yet he simply feels comfortable to flirt with you. If you are uncomfortable with this approach, then you should let him know upfront that you don’t deem it’s appropriate to flirt as you are not dating any longer.
  3. He is Still in Love with You: May be he is flirting with you because he still loves you and could be hoping that you may perhaps give him another chance. For some, flirting is a way to let their ex-partners know that they still interested in them. After all, most affairs start with some sort of flirting and your ex-boyfriend could be doing this to gauge your reaction in order to determine if you are also interested in him and want to get back together.      

However, if you still have attracted to your ex-romantic partner and believe he is worth giving a chance, then this flirting can be a good way to mend your broken relationship. But how can you gauge if he still loves you or is he just fooling around? Well, there is an app for that. Xnspy is a boyfriend/girlfriend spying app that lets you snoop on your ex-beloved without them ever knowing about it. Thanks to its stealth mode, the target person cannot even find it on his or her installed apps list. Whereas its cache of spying features allow you to gather all necessary information possible. The best part is this boyfriend spying app can help recognize the signs whether he has feelings for you or not. For instance:    

  • If He is Inducing Jealousy to Gain Your Attention?
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Is your ex is rubbing his date in your face? Is he posting photos with his girlfriend on Instagram because he thinks it will touch a nerve? Or is he flirting like crazy – but only when he sees you around? Though he is trying to make you want him back, all his grave efforts to make you feel jealous depicts he still cares enough and want you back in his life. You can ensure this by using Xnspy that will provide you access to important data such as audio, videos and images stored on his smartphone. This will aid you to see if he still has your pictures or videos. Because when a person is in love with someone who is not with them they often feel the urge to see their beloved’s picture every day on a consistent basis. Else, there is no reason for them to keep those pictures if he or she don’t want to look at them?

  • Does He Have Feelings You Should Know About?

According to an old Roman saying, “In Vino Veritas”. Basically, it means, ‘From Wine, Truth’. Alcohol is a liquid that lowers a person’s inhibitions and compels them to say what’s on their mind or what they have been hiding from everyone. Oftentimes, it is seen that lovers who badly want their exes back their life use wine or alcohol and share their feelings with a close friend. Such as “I should have called her,” “I miss her a lot,” “I gotta call her maybe we can hook up now” or “I am hungry for pizza let me call her first then pizza.” With a boyfriend spying app, you can tap into your ex’s chats and SMSs and read all the incoming/outgoing messages to figure out does he have felt that you should know about. Even if the target deletes the chat or text messages, a boyfriend/girlfriend spying app won’t let the secret correspondence slip through your fingers. Since latest tracking apps upload data from the target device at regular intervals, allowing users to keep tabs on every single move.

However, keep in mind many people who drink conveniently forget what they said the next day, so peep into their messages or eavesdrop on their phone calls to be certain that they mean what they have said. More importantly, be wary you don’t say anything to them that you may regret later. Treat is like – anything that you say or do can go against you.

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