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In India, the last two decades have seen a revolution in the field of information technology. India has emerged as the top IT destination of the world. With its skilled IT professionals and an advantageous cost factor, the whole world has turned its attention towards India to fulfill the IT needs. Thus, the demand for IT courses in India has also gone up. Earlier, there were only a few institutes that offered courses in IT. However, the situation has considerably changed over the last decade. Many new public, private and aided universities have come up that offer IT degree and diploma courses to students.

Information Technology incorporates the use of computer-based tools to come up with innovative solutions. It includes both software and hardware technology. With the widespread advent of technology, Information Technology has become of use in all sectors. The business applications of information technology are relevant to all industries. Thus, it offers a great growth career potential for students. With the ever-growing demand for IT professionals, it has become the most preferred career destination for youngsters all over the country. Even in these times of recession, when IT companies have come under pressure, the number of students going for IT courses has not depleted. This is primarily because students understand that this downturn is short-lived.

For Information Technology courses in India, one can look at various options such as degree courses, diploma courses or certificate courses from government universities and private institutes. The eligibility to join a degree courses is that one should have passed 12th in the science stream with Physics, Math’s and Chemistry as subjects. Various renowned institutes such as IITs conduct entrance tests on basis of which they conduct admissions. There is an all-India test called AIEEE that is also conducted on a national level to select candidates for engineering courses across the country. Besides this, there are now other universitiesand colleges in India too that offers IT courses in India. They take admissions either on the basis of their own tests or on the basis of marks in 12th class.

For diploma and certificate courses, generally there is no entrance test and these can be done from various places. The basic eligibility is decided on the basis of a certain marks cut-off in 12th class. There are diploma courses offered in hardware as well as software stream. Even B.Sc graduates pursue diploma courses in IT to make a career in the field of information technology. Though the degree courses are most sought after, even diploma holders are high in demand for various roles in the IT sector.

The basic traits required to get a foothold in the IT sector are flexibility in mindset and the ability to grasp new things fast. Since, IT courses involve learning new technologies with the changing demands of the industry, the students in this field are required to be fast learners. Then, students of IT should have a logical bent of mind that can analyze numbers and think of solving complex problems. One has to be accurate and organized to be able to succeed in this field. A slight error can lead to big blunders so accuracy is of utmost importance. One should possess high intellectual capacity with an ability to study for long hours and work hard. Like any other field, good communication skills area key to success in this field too.

With all these traits, one can aspire to a highly successful career in the IT field. For a specialized field like IT, academic and technical skills are of paramount importance. The most popular courses in this field are Btech and B.E, Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA), M.Tech, Bachelor in Science with Computers (B.Sc), Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), M.Sc in Computers, Certification Courses, Diploma in Computer Applications, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, DOEACC’s O, A, B, C level courses. These courses are offered by various institutes across India. The details for these courses can be easily found on the Internet and on the websites of particular institutes.

Many companies hire freshers in IT and train them to suit their needs. However, the kind of job that one will be offered and the compensation offered depends very much on the type of course that you have pursued and the ranking of the institute. After a few years of experience, you can carve your own career path and upgrade your skills to get a better job.  

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