Joe Rogan and Colin Moriarty on the PewDiePie Controversy

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Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #936
Joe Rogan and guest Colin Moriarty



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  1. Pewds is Swedish. Regardless if you like or dislike his content, he's very good at what he does. He's brilliant at calling people out on their bullshit, including his own and he's definitely has earned his spot at the top.

  2. it isn't a problem joe, it's a revolution. Be happy people are leaving behind MSM and coming to YouTube to hear people like you discuss real shit and real life facts and events. It's what people really want. Its becoming informed, after years of systematic lying and false reports. God bless YouTube, i hope it's around for years to come.

  3. It's things like this why trump said he wanted change libel laws the people who were at the front of making this story should be left jobless and broke

  4. haha wow 2 minutes in and I already think this dude is fucking stupid, he called Wall Street Journal clickbait is funny. pewdiepie got what he deserved because he didn't think. Just like this dude

  5. another reason polygon and other media outlets are going to start to vanish is because of platforms like steam. Steam whether it is not has perception of being impartial and allows user reviews. gaming media has also rubber stamped too many average games by big developers as great games.

  6. People are sick of the Russia bullshit… They're done with it.. Ppl are tired of Russia being blamed every time someone Stubbs their toe or chips a nail… Do you know how powerful Russia is? We ought be friends and allies with Russia, rather than letting the left point to the, every-time they don't get their way

  7. "YouTube is the future of how we get information." What a scary concept, a bunch of FUCKS sitting on their asses whoring themselves for ad dollars is the future of information. And he's right, and it extends far beyond video games. People don't trust media anymore at all, so they'd rather live or die by the words of some fuck schmuck on the Internet than forms of media that goes through different channels before it's finally delivered to the end user. This is why we have shit like flat earthers, fake news, and echo chambers. All controlled by ads, no different than the old model. The only difference is the content you get on YouTube is TRASH and the voice of 1 perspective. We are pathetic.

  8. What happened to pewdiepie I don't agree on but the jokes themselves weren't funny. Paying some poor dudes to put up a "death to all jews" sign is just not funny. You're taking advantage of their situation for shock value and I am suppose to laugh about it? When I was 15 I probably would have laughed because at that age I didn't give a shit about anyone or their feelings. Now I pay bills and have to deal with the real world jokes like that aren't what average people want to see you punch up not down.

  9. I think we have come to a point where yellow journalism cant get away with what it use to, and I'm more than glad. the concept of lying to further yourself, especially for a news source, is appalling. Just like the media trying to take down trump with it backfiring, you cant get away with bullshit anymore. we have all the info we need in the world at out fingertips, on top of being able to communicate with everyone at a seconds glance. the world is changing, and its CRAZY.


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