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Right you really will have to stick with me here, please read to the end or even enough of this post to get where I am trying to go with this. When you comment either on Twitter, Facebook or even randomly on one of my YouTube videos please let me know what you think.

As I was driving back home today after a lush fathers day (So hope all son’s and or Fathers had a fantastic day today) I was thinking. Now I love iOS, I have just installed iOS 10 Beta 1 on my iPhone and I love it, now I still am really into the Jailbreaking scene, I love it and all that comes with it. Apple don’t really approve as its finding security vulnerabilities in what should be locked down code, (c’mon Apple that will never happen). Now yearly the Jailbreak community hold what is known as JailbreakCon – its an event where normal users can meet developers and also learn a thing or 2. Developers also give talks on development and maybe a hint of what is to come. To be honest normally its a huge session with the lads.cssc0der

So my thought process is, well why don’t we have 1!!!! Why hasn’t their been one already, or are people even interested. If not thats cool let me know, but if you are then what would you like to see, we are all very geeky people at heart and you need to know to a certain point what you are doing on the box /stick and understand how it works. But would you like to expand your knowledge. I mean I could be just thinking out loud and people may not be interested in the slightest. 

Let me know what you think – it would be good to know your thoughts.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend – keep geeking.


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