Knocking Live Video Droid Application Review

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Knocking Live Video is like a live Web camera phone. It works everywhere! See what I see now! Requirements: Droid and Nexus One(OS 1.6 and above), 3G or Wi-Fi.
Price: Free
* phone number to the phone live streaming broadcast video
* A number of interesting ways to use applications
* Decent image quality
* Search and find friends already at Knock or invitation
* Integration with Twitter
* Low price frames(depending on connection speed transmission)
* Lack of integration of Facebook? yet

Knocking Live Video Droid App

Knocking Live Video Droid applications
Live Video Knocking Android app for the iPhone also allows all users, and applications that are connected to share live streaming video(known as? Knocks?) 3G or Wi-Fi ! Similar to Qik but compared to the phone to phone phone live Web streaming video. Find friends or family by name, user name or e-mail via a search box in the application or invite them by e-mail and phone. Integrated with the blast of tweets on Twitter Knocks(not Facebook? Yet). It has privacy settings that Knocks with anyone or just friends / family.
Gripe Alert : Decent picture quality but not the number of frames per second fluid? more like 15/05 fps, depending on the mobile connection(if improves both phones connected to a Wi-Fi).
Videos: Knocking Live Video
usefulness and is often used:
Assets of the best Knocking Live Video how an application is useful and how many creative ways to use can be applied. In the movie above, you might advocate, how deaf people can speak on the phone, some may use it to see / talk to family members over long distances(for example, our soldiers), and so many creative uses. It? S together with the viral nature of using the amazing technology, probably because the app hit over 1 million users in over four months, faster than the Foursquare, Gowalla or Twitter.
Ease of Use:
Mark, or invite your friends to find, Knock and shoot? or receive video.
(through androidtapp)

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