One of the best firestick Kodi builds! Lite BB – Krypton Edition version 1.1! Removed dead addons, added some new ones, cleaned up the build, added some new backgrounds plus more!

Ares Wizard: http://repo.ares-project.com/magic

Instrumental Produced By: Chuki Beats


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✖️My Main Build: https://youtu.be/Bkyh1EExA8I

✖️Fix Kodi Buffer: https://youtu.be/tRHu35MThes

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Disclaimer: KODI™ is not at all affiliated with ANY 3rd party addons! If you use any 3rd party addons, you’re using them at you’re own risk! 3rd party addons may go down at times, and will never fully work 100% of the time. You take full responsibility if you choose to install, or use any 3rd party addons, and anything happens to your system! These videos are for entertainment/educational purposes only!


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  1. what's up sorry to bother you just wanted to know I just purchased a m3u playlist for live TV because it's more reliable they say and I wanted to know is it possible to put it into your build under live TV how would I do it.

  2. I installed this build because I sell firesticks and its CRAP looks good but it loads super slow always freezing I have to close / reopen constantly…my own personal device im running Xconfluence custom build you can set it up how you want it Background pics ect…. I thought I would give BB LITE a try "100 dislikes" but for "starters" its might be good about to fresh start kodi

  3. How do you remove the vpn-bit and twitter from the menu bar, how do I get it to look like the menu bar in this video? I already have your twitter, lol Thanks

  4. @BiagioBuilds hey man I use your builds all the time. Great stuff. I was wondering could you add like a fitness section like pulse fitness or something. I tried adding it to blue dream but it doesn't seem to work.

  5. BiagioBuilds, I was able to find the setting & I reinstalled the Lite BB version 3.3😊.
    Thank you so much. This is the best build I've ever used. Keep up the good work😊😊😊.

  6. Is 17 working faster and smoother with more 1080 available? I seen a few people saying that 17 was giving more 1080 quality sources, but I still like 16. I'll just download this one and change the skin to the 16 view. You just keep up the great buils for everyone

  7. Hey BB, I want to install the Lite BB 3.3 edition and I was wondering if there was a way that I could go to the expert settings so that I can get access to the hardware acceleration setting or if you can add that setting in the system menu? I'm using another build and I don't like it, but I have to keep it because of that setting. I really love your builds and I want to switch back, but I need that setting….Please help.

  8. Hey I have a question. I installed this yesterday, and everything is working good….but the settings aren't showing up. I am trying to block the adult tab and cannot get to it because the settings aren't showing. Any suggestions? Thank you

  9. Hi wonder if anyone got a fix for this when a watch a tv show through specto when it ends it just starts searching for the same episode again atomically I have to wait for it to search for the episode again before a can back out and choose the next 1? Thanks

  10. add worldstar to urban and Huf to movies . Great build as usual buddy. You would be number 1, if people weren't selling the most common builds from ares. keep up the great work BB.

  11. Love your builds! This latest is awesome. Having a problem downloading subtitle services for manual searches. I can find them, but when I click on 'install' nothing happens. Any solution? Thanks.

  12. hey Build looks amazing as usual , just wanted to see if sometime in the future you could make a "DOCUMENTARY" menu with submenu items because a lot of builds do not have this as a option and I believe you would be the best to integrate that into your amazing builds!!! please comment back if you can to let me know if this is something you would be interested in…-THANKS!!!

  13. Does this build run on spmc? I currently have a spinz tv build and wanted to check out yours so I downloaded spmc to run two builds but the widgets or the submenus don't show. Any idea?

  14. Im aware the download is going slow! Looks like I'm gonna have to upgrade my hosting as we are getting more and more downloads! Lol

    Hope you guys enjoy! Don't worry I show how to change the menu bars back to what you're used to, if you don't like it! Cleaned it up a lot, added new backgrounds, colors, and some new addons. Thanks guys!


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