KODI 2016: How to Fix Video Buffering Issue using Advanced Setting Program Addon XBMC / KODI Review

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KODI 2016: How to Fix Video Buffering Issue using Advanced Setting Program Addon XBMC / KODI Review

Link to Download Program Addon: http://bit.ly/1W45shx

Here are some examples:

Example 1

All three options enabled, using local hard drive for cache.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 0
readbufferfactor 30

Example 2

Only cache size changed, using 100MB of RAM for cache (which requires 300MB of free RAM).

cachemembuffersize 104857600

Example 3

Two options enabled, using 50MB of RAM for cache (which requires 150MB of free RAM), and cache both internet, LAN, and local content.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 52428800

Example 4

A safe setting for most devices with 1GB of RAM that should help most users “on the edge”. All protocols get cached, cache rate fills up pretty much as fast as possible, and cache size is 150MB, using 400MB of ram total.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 157286400
readbufferfactor 20

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  1. hi sir im currently running on my mxq pro box and i found that my kodi didn't have such setting (easy advanced setting) on my program. any idea where i can found them. ty

  2. None of these methods work for me. But strangely, I also have an older version of kodi on my android box called TVMC, which is running kodi 14.2, this actually stream movies way smoother & clearer than the kodi 16.1 version I also have on my android box, I compared them by loading new movies on exodus, & the 16.1 newer version shows choppy & constantly buffering video. I find that strange.

  3. I've had issues with one provider via Kodi so switched to a different provider and it's not been an issue. Since I've done the above, it's been a lot more reliable then before.

  4. Thanks, Very helpful!

    My M3u stream starts smoothly, but just plays for few secounds and stops always!

    Can You help me with a solution?

    On Web some people succed by turning of "amcode" – Settings/ Video – Accelration!

    I tried to set off "amcode" by turning off Settings – Video (Expert Mode) Accelration Hardware – but I couldn't find directly "amcode" option on latest 1,6 Jarvis Version Kodi – still my streams stops!

    What do You think, why it stops?
    I think, maybe I should try to download another Verson of Kodi and see if this method works with a pre version – Which one are You Using, Sir?


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