how to resolved buffering issue on your amazon fire tv stick here are some examples and information from KODI official Wiki Page.

Link to Download Program Addon: http://bit.ly/1W45shx

Here are some examples:

Example 1

All three options enabled, using local hard drive for cache.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 0
readbufferfactor 30

Example 2

Only cache size changed, using 100MB of RAM for cache (which requires 300MB of free RAM).

cachemembuffersize 104857600

Example 3

Two options enabled, using 50MB of RAM for cache (which requires 150MB of free RAM), and cache both internet, LAN, and local content.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 52428800

Example 4

A safe setting for most devices with 1GB of RAM that should help most users “on the edge”. All protocols get cached, cache rate fills up pretty much as fast as possible, and cache size is 150MB, using 400MB of ram total.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 157286400
readbufferfactor 20

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  1. it will not allow me to download the plugin.program.advancedsetting everytime i try a message pops up in the bottom right corner saying failed to download advanced settings.. plzzzz help !!!!

  2. For vids honestly I never played with it and never had issue… for sports does nothing then when back to vids and now I have buffering problems but I restart to all default.. don't did what not broke lol.. if interested in NFL you are not gonna get he and no buffering so if your looking for he no buffering get direct tv. I'm sure this will work for people with buffering issues… remember to clean up your kids very important…

  3. I have set the values but still see cache is full and buffering. I will then clear the cache using maintenance tool and then go back to the movie and it says buffer cache is full? even right after I clear it.

  4. Using firestick with TVAddon. Always get buffering issues even though my net is testing at 30MB DL via 5Gz. Nothing else is connected and set my router to give 1st priority to the firestick. Firestick is 1" away from router. Shows excellent strength on the firestick.

    Did this video and now I have a hard time buffering past 3%. Before that I would get 5mins of video and 10mins of buffering.

    Please update.

  5. Hi thanks for the video it was really easy to follow but I've tried this but I'm having the same buffering issues,I'm at 25mbsp download and 12mbsp upload,my router is right next to my Amazon firestick…please can do you have any other suggestions?

  6. Im on 70mb fibre done all these setting changes and it still buffers on dcsports/sky sports only all the movies are fine, Im going to try turning off the 5ghz setting on my hub

  7. Great tutorial,hard to follow on my version as mine looks different as it loads as koi apollo, i have an issue still with it still pauses and buffers on sky sports only everything else is all ok , any help please??????

  8. Video instructions clear. But DC Sports Sky Sports still buffering regularly after making the changes. Movies run OK (as before). Internert connection is about 45'Mb fibre optic. Also I have dispensed with builds on this stick and just added minimum amount of add ons to avoid overloading the stick.


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