KODI BUILD – EndlessFlix

This is taken straight from http://endlessflix.co.uk so please head over their and check out this awesome new site.

I am personally a big fan of Lee’s work, his builds and general efforts within the community surpass expectations of a developers, why, well he has been involved in some of the best wizards, updates and features that we have seen in a long time, this KODI community needs people like lee. I will always do reviews of his builds or anything he publishes as like I say I am a big fan. Now ho check out his build, get it installed and remember that their an awesome premium IPTV service coming very soon. So don’t forger to follow @endlessflixUK too for all the latest news and information.kodi

To help with the amount of users, downloads, and bandwidth I am using, I have implemented a login system to help me keep track of which box sellers are costing me a killing due to the amount of bandwidth being used. I have no problem with people using my builds to sell on their boxes, infact, I see it as a compliment. However, hosting and charges that I incur have to come out of my pocket, and although they profit from it, unfortunately, I do not!

With that in mind, I have made a slight alternation to the way any builds, updates, or addons I create are downloaded. The only difference being, is now you will need to have registered via the website, to be able to download the builds or  KODI addons.

Unfortunately, not all of you will agree with this, but this takes up a huge amount of my time, it is free, and it costs me, so by you taking JUST 3 MINUTES to sign up HERE – you will HUGELY help support the time I put in, and the work I do.

I appreciate the support guys, I am sorry for the ads but with the amount of bandwidth that I am killing I needed to do something, especially as I am no longer in a team where we can all contribute. I know you guys love my work, so I very much appreciate your support! 🙂

NOW lets watch this awesome KODI build review, by errrrmmmm me!!!!


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