To install the Horus XXL, you first need to set up a file source for the Echo repository located at http://echocoder.co.uk/repo/.  Then, you have to go into the repository and download Echo Wizard.  Once you’ve got the wizard, select which flavor of Horus you want to try out to finish the installation.

New to Kodi?  Follow the instructions below to install Horus in 4 easy steps.

Step #1: Tell Kodi where the Echo repository is

To set up a file source for the Echo repository, navigate to system → file manager → add source.  Once you’re at the add source screen, click where it says <none> and then type in the following URL: http://echocoder.co.uk/repo/

Be sure to name your file source so that you’ll know what it is later.  Something like “echo repository” is fine.


Step #2: Install the Echo repository

Now that you’ve got a source for the repository set up,  back out to Kodi’s main menu and then navigate to system → settings → addons → install from zip file → echo repository.  

The zip file that contains the Echo repository is repository.echo-x.x.  Click that and Kodi will install the repository for you automatically.

Step #3: Open the Echo repository and install Echo Wizard

Now that you’ve set up a file source for the Echo repository, you can access it by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from repository → echo repository.

Once you’re in the repository, install Echo Wizard by navigating to program addons → echo wizard.  

Step #4: Open Echo Wizard and install Horus

From this point on, the rest of the installation process is straightforward.  Once you get Echo Wizard installed, navigate to programs → echo wizard → echo builds.  From there, you can can choose to install either the full or lite version of KODI BUILD HORUS XXL

Once all the necessary files are finished downloading, you’ll be able to use Horus without rebooting Kodi.


Kodi Build Horus XXL


  • Fast performance.  Horus V2 is one of the fastest, smallest builds I’ve tried out so far.
  • Solid addons.  This build contains all the addons you’d expect to find on a minimalist Kodi build, plus a few cool new ones like Channel Pear and The Pyramid.
  • Logical menus.  You won’t get lost or confused while flipping through Horus V2’s menu system because everything is laid out in a way that makes sense.
  • Echo Wizard.  Echo Wizard boasts access to community builds and unique advanced settings.
  • Memory usage bar.  The thin bar above the main menu displays information about your system resources.
  • Small size.  This build is less than 100 megabytes, making it one of the best builds to use if you want to use your USB stick to run Kodi.
  • Echo support.  Because this build is maintained by an entire team of Kodi developers and not just one guy, you have a better chance of receiving a quick answer if you ever need to ask a question.

I personally love this build and it really shows some creative elements, remember this build  XXL is suitable for the top end devices, but don’t you worry the KODI BUILD Horus XXL does have a slimmed down version perfect for the Firesticks. What do you think about this build, do you have it installed, or would you after this review. Would love to hear your comments

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