KODI BUILD #LYT from the creator of WIZARDFLIX

The following information is taken from the Awesome http://www.ares-project.uk thread the original description can be found here for this awesome Build https://ares-project.uk/threads/the-lyt-build.9546/ I urge you to sign up on to this forum as it has so much information and answers a town of questions or just for the latest news and information in the community or further questions that you may have about any of the awesome form the Ares Wizard.

Meet “Lyt” KODI BUILD only 100mb its the lightest of our builds, its the simplest of our builds but its also jam packed full of features. I’ll break this down below with a few screeners and a small post to give you an idea on whats what. Last on my list is the Library Integration so make sure you read right to the end.

Top menu slot is taken by “All in Ones”, this is where you will find most of your viewing to come from. The big addons are here all in one place for easy access soon as the build loads.

Live TV – There are more addons that involve live tv in the build but to keep the menus looking clean and tidy, we have the 5 most used here, most used for me anyway, these also offer catchup for the said channels in terms of BBC iplayer and ITV Player. The new freeview addon is also in place providing all the UK Freeview channels at 720p.

Music in this KODI Build – Is really self explanatory. The music source provides all your video based music content. MP3 streams provides just that, MP3’s. Merlin Radio provides internet radio stations and then the two pulse music addons are there as backups too.

kodi build kodi build kodi build screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-22-36-27 https://ares-project.uk/threads/the-lyt-build.9546/ https://ares-project.uk/threads/the-lyt-build.9546/

The Library is a very under rated function in Kodi Build. Using Mettaliq as your “Browser”, you can find anything in there, from movies to tv shows. Once you find what you like, using the context menu, you can “Add to the Library”. What that will do is add them to your own “Library” lists, these are accessible from the same Library menu slot. You can consider this your own Addon if you like, only what you add will be in those folders so make sure you add all your favorite TV Shows, Movies and even up and coming Movies too can be found and added via mettaliq. These will then auto update with new episodes as they are released so u can go straight to them when u want to watch.

When you do choose to watch an item from your library, Mettaliq will search through your installed addons and find you a stream for what your wanting to watch, It really is that easy folks, honestly, learn to use the library and it will make your kodi experience so much better, i couldn’t live without it now tbh.

Sports and Kids also have menu slots in this build but again are pretty self explanatory.

For sports
Ares Football
Pro Sports (refer to my thread here for more details)
Sports Devil

For Kids
Ares Kidstube
Kiddies Cartoons
Angrybirds TV


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