Here we have RetroMainia from @RMKODIUK – and you really will love this build, it has recently been updated, like today! With so much content its unreal! This guy has put so much effort in over the past 2 weeks to being you the latest content for this awesome and unique Kodi Build, you are guaranteed to love this!

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Kodi (software)

Added initial integration for binary addons support and changing the Kodi build system around it Added framework support for binary addons (inc. closed
The build brings together everything the user loves and more, with a really unique style and some amazing addons that are able to bring you the very latest in content for the web, but just in a much nice her interface.
As you can tell there has been so much added on the Kodi build its unreal, if you cannot find it in here there you need to look harder, so much effort goes in to creating these builds for the users, I urge you to reach out on Twitter.com to say a big thanks if you decide to use this awesome build.
From the Developer of Retromania
“But as I push a weekly update to RetroMania I just let it go out with what I have so far. Last week I created the brand new documentary section, the biggest and most comprehensive in any build… Cos I love em. Then this week I went nuts adding new comedy, sci-fi, music and sports sections. In each section there’s highlight, docs, links to all addons, etc. In Sci fi I created bespoke sagas section for the big films like star trek etc and added loads of extra content. Docs, cartoons, TV series, outtakes, soundtracks. In truth, there’s so much to.go at its hard to get it all down”
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