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So here we have the fantastic CellarDoor Tv Wizard, if you want to jump straight to the full video install and review then please heads to the bottom of the page. This wizard really has it all, from auto cleaning your KODI device to the very latest builds that are perfect for any device, including the Firestick which I am sure you will all be getting for Christmas. The only official URL for this wizard is http://gazzac72.srve.io/CellarDoor/ please note that this url IS case sensitive.

So what does this wizard have to offer. It has some fantastic builds, APK installs, device cleaning, this does help if your device is laggy, and can even help reduce buffering on playback. Theres even some XXX APK’s of KODI and your android device, but you have you to enable them, but don’t worry I will show you in the video 🙂


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The builds inside this wizard has are, well, amazing! I have done a few reviews on them and I was blown away. Why, well the creativity and the complete customisations is crazy! Envision is without doubt the most customisable build on KODI, heres the review:

And here is a full list of the build from within the Wizard:


Theres even a help and review section, you will see I am in there too!


Right lets get to the video of the full install and review, if you do have any issues then please just comment on here or on the video itself, remember I am a very active Twitter user so catch me on their too.


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