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So if you like relevant news on the Kodi community then check this guy out, over the past few week theres been a bit of contrversy ddos attacks, including this site for some reason and well some other threats so I do urge you to watch | now normally you know me I don’t tend to get involved in things and this is really as much as I would ever do as I just love making videos for you guys that time the time to watch my videos and read my posts, my main aim in the community is to STOP people getting ripped of, actually thats not main main aim its my only aim!! Why, well it drives me actually insane that theres box sellers out there willing to make a few $’s from you!, for something that will ALWAYS be free. I will always aim my videos at newcomers (sometimes I do get a bit of hate from that) but we were all newcomers at one point in our “Kodi Lives”.
So anyway I digress, enjoy the video.
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Published on Aug 6, 2016

This is not for views or subs, I could care less so don’t even waste your time with the comments I was not going to post this and the community said I should I have a poll on Twitter and got asked to cause ppl know this is wrong and there is something that needs fixed so this community. No matter how many shitty thing someone does and I report on it good or bad for that matter does not give anyone the right to threaten my life or anyone else’s there is to many problems with the word to know if someone is joking or not and would act on this and it’s against the law to even do that no matter where you are and legal action could be taken which I have not done so giving up with I’m about views and this and that. This was uncalled for and kodi community don’t fucking need this we can all agree.

Kodi Community News – JoeNoBody Threatens My Life – DDoSiNg In Kodi – Beast Build New Home More News !!!LISTEN TO AUDIO First, Then look at the convo’s dont keep stopping the vid to read cause i could not get it all to match!!! sorry guys i forgot to take offmy lil banner at the bottom so some tweets was blocked so damn sorry 🙁

sorry i could not sync the convo’s up the fighting was so bad and tweets was getting deleted i did all joes first then mine and show this is about the lies and him wanting to take another life him saying sorry and later on saying remember that shows the sorry was false, joe you went overboard online or not you dont say that shit, and you guys wanna tell me im a bad person WHAT? we dont need a drunk or someone like this in the community its bad and makes kodi look so damn bad

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