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This APK will not replace KODI, but this is another way to watch HD movies. Brought to you first by newtech once again.

Kodi is a great! Kodi is here to stay. You can use addons like Specto, Exodus, Zen, SALTS, StreamHub to watch movies. But you can also use this awesome APK and enjoy tons of content.




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  1. I always appreciate those willing to share. Sadly, I had to poke around quite a bit to get this to download onto a Firestick. Finally got it installed, and it says I need a subscription.

  2. great vid. how do we get hockey? kodi has been a nightmare for me. nothing EVER works!!! and i'm trying to click on the HDONLINE link with my firestick remote and of course it doesn't work. help please??

  3. newtechevolution, thanks so much for your step by step videos. I'm really new to this whole Kodi world as I only bought my jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick about a month ago and of course all of these issues just arose a few days ago and I'm a bit lost. I currently don't have Exodus at all (I did but then it got deleted when I updated to Kodi 17.) Should I add it on again, and if so, how? Would I use the ES Explorer like you do with the other videos. Today I downloaded toggle mouse and HDOnline movies (thanks to your videos!) but still having problems playing any movies in it, other than a trailer for Hidden Figures. Also, somewhere I read to change Kodi's 17 skin to Confluence??? Currently it's Estuary….(other choice is Estouchy)… does this even matter? Sorry I'm so full of questions but could really use some honest guidance. Thanks so much, Michelle

  4. Hi, I have been looking at your service and I keep promoting your videos. I think this is a great channel and am always coming back to what is new. Keep up the great work. I do have one question. If I am using a service like Zen, how can I get the TV show episodes to just go from episode to episode without having to go back and selecting the next episode. Thanks

  5. keep up the good work …… i will like to learn how to make a libary of movies and tv shows on kodi….but i will like to make the libery but i will like to learn how to take out the libery of kodi to….learn how to install it and take it out……take care my friend…and keep up the good work….God bless you…

  6. Love your wonderful channel – now that Exodus is dying (so sad) Zen is quickly becoming the Kodi choice addon, but me (and many others I know) are confused at the order to install MetallQ to use it with Zen. Using Trakt gets a guy spoiled, and I'll miss that until (or unless) Zen starts using Trakt.Could you please do a episode on setting up TV show and Movie following addon, whether MetallQ or other and how to get it to work with Zen.Thank you so much for your content, I breeze thru installs now thanks to your intros and await every video you do – thanks so much and BRAVO!!!

  7. hey new tech how you doing thank you so much for your honest support to the community i been watching your videos for long time im very please with your cooperation so thank you again and i see you on your next video take care!

  8. I install it yesterday and have Ad ware. In force the user to install many things from the advertising. It's hard to control. I adive people not to install it on them phone.

  9. Hello, Adam, quick question…You might know: Any site where we can watch HD quality Kong Skull Island, Boss Baby or at least the Beauty and the Beast? Cheers! P.S. I could only download Kong as a torrent which asked for a stupid survey. There are still no way to get premium brand new movies free loading that's for sure! LoL


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