KODI On iOS and with the Latest NO REVOKE Method that Works

NO REVOKE updated and working

KODI On iOS and with the Latest NO REVOKE Method that Works

Finally, I will add firstly that this is all working again, you can get so many third party applications installed on your non-jailbroken device now its unreal, and the whole no revoke certificate is working and I personally do not believe that its going anywhere now. I did do a previous article on this here : http://cssc0der.com/anti-revoke-keep-those-3rd-party-applications-on-your-ios-device/ and parts are still relevant but I thought it would be best for you that I created a new guide. SO here is its, lets get KODI on iOS and here is how.

Secure yourself | IPVanish cover your tracks on the www | Hit that link below


Best builds for KODI 17.3


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Now there are a few 3rd part app stores for iOS but here are the best 2 I have found, both very similar so if one goes down you have another app store to go too, very easily installed as you can see in the video below.

Firstly there is TUTU

Free Apps on iOS with no Jailbreak, including KODI, OK read this Click to Tweet

And the second one is AppValley

Which I will add is also equally amazing, you can grab KODI on iOS on both of these stores by the way. Now once you have any of these applications installed and as long as they are working, (if you have downloaded them, open them up to try first) then you can install this amazing Anti Revoke certificate which will basically enable you to keep using your 3rd party applications without opening them and seeing that its no longer working. We have all been there and yes its infuriating to say the least.

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This will work on all iOS devices including the iPad, lets just think of the possibilities. But all i wanted it for was KODI on iOS – now roll that awesome VT


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