KODI On iPad and Apple TV NO JAILBREAK – Giveaway

A Giveaway of x 10 Subs (12 Months) for iOS on KODI - Ok Lets go!

A Simple Click Really Helps


So here we have another awesome giveaway, you know that I love to do them but all this couldn’t be possible without the awesome guys and girls over at koditvbox so be sure to check them out. So a week or so ago I showed you how to install KODI on iOS, specifically an iPhone and all was working well till it, well, stopped working, you can see that post and video here some users are still telling me its working but lots are telling me its stopped. Now if you want KODI On iPad and Apple TV NO JAILBREAK then this personally is one of very few ways to do so. The guys at KodiTvBox provide a subscription based service that wont fails after 7 days, it will actually only stop working after your subscription ends and for this giveaway thats 12 months plus you will have you no issues in the slightest. Its also a very simple install, it only took me 5 mins from start to finish, plus all the instructions are emailed to you immediately anyway!

So what is the competition for KODI On iPad and Apple TV NO JAILBREAK

Well its simple you can win one of five 12 month subscriptions to have KODI installed on your iPad, or one of five subscriptions for the same but on your Apple TV 4th Gen. 

But what are the rules and how do I enter, well its simple.

  1. Comment on this post
  2. Share this post up to a maximum of 4 times
  3. Total Entries will be a total of 5
  4. Extra entry can be made by retweeting my pinned post @cssc0der

Fine Print:

Winners will be released no later than the 10 April with any user sharing more than the allowed 4 times will be excluded from the competition, a comment on this post much be made initially. This competition is free to enter and will not include any exchange of monies at any point. The winner will be published via my twitter @cssc0der a blog post on this site and also accompanied by a video too over at my channel so be sure to subscribe.

Secure yourself | IPVanish cover your tracks on the www | Just Click the Image Below


Most of all good luck! KODI On iPad and Apple TV NO JAILBREAK

For more information please check out the VT below 




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  1. There r not enough letters in the alphabet to thank the brilliant men and women who stood by their men that developed Kodi as the worlds greatest media center.
    If trouble comes to Kodi, well, I feel like it’s my child , and will fight any way I can to keep this most liberating source of excitement alive.
    Thanks, Daniel in Freeport, NY


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