Kodi Setup 2016 (Install Kodi)

A Simple Click Really Helps

In this video, I walk you through installing Kodi from start to finish. This is a full setup guide for Kodi that can be used on the Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick, Windows, Android and Apple devices. You will see how to install repos that will give you access to the Add-ons you need to watch Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV.

I will show you how to manually add sources yourself, but also how to install a complete custom build. A custom build is a version of Kodi that has been configured and modified by someone else. They will already have the repos and addons installed in the build so you won’t have to do it yourself!

This video is unedited so you will see the process from start to finish, including any errors or hiccups you may face along the way. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and if you like these kinds of videos, leave a like and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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All credit for Kodi goes to the devs that created this program
All of the developers of the great Addons and Repos
Everyone developing Ares Wizard and the builds included



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  1. I've watched several pitches of information on YouTube of the box I've bought from Amazon on but I've never understood much until now. You have made it extremely understanding and simple. Thank you ever so much

  2. Excellent tutorial. Best one I've seen on the subject so far. I was able to successfully download and set up Kodi. I'm going to play around with it a bit and I'm sure I'll have some questions. Keep up the great work.

  3. Definitely one of the best tutorials when it comes to kodi installation. Excellent communication thru the process. Had to subscribe and looking forward to more from your channel. Thank You!

  4. thank you so much. I was having trouble with downloading kodi and found your channel. I got thru everything in no time at all. just wanted you to know your hard work is appreciated

  5. i think watch your you tube has made life much easy for me as i have a few firer sticks to do for xmas and i 'am not hot on computers as it is thank you onces again i will keep watching

  6. hey girl I've installed my Amazon fire tv stick a few days ago. took me a bit to get it going but I got it. i love it! I thank you soo much for the help . I've found my NFL channel ! so I'm a happy camper! thank you again!


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