KODI – A complete Set up guide

Firstly if you have never used KODI or do not know what it is, please refer to the WIKI page which will give you a full breakdown on what this awesome software can do to enhance your media needs, so please have a good read through the information provided and even from the Wiki page you will see how to add, change modify or tweak your device, the page can be found here http://kodi.wiki I would say straight away not to install 17.0 Krypton just yet until your favourite build developer lets you know.

So this will be a full guide on how to install the software on ANY device, this guide will also show you how to add various program add ons individually or in build, the add ons will give you access to many streams that are freely available on the web but then are displayed in a gorgeous way so you can easily browse all types of content.

I will also show you how to install a custom skins created by the awesome @ClassicNancy her yes HER twitter profile can be found here be sure to give here a follow and recieve updates on latest skins that are being produced.

Here are some screenshots of her latest Halloween Skin from @ClassicNancy


We will then move on to customising the menu and sub menu, don’t worry it won’t be too difficult to do, this is aimed at the newer members of the community, if needed just pause and try a few things out that I am showing you. The rest of the video and tutorial will be on enabling subtitles on KODI so you can watch some foreign channels or really any TV Show that requires subtitles, creating custom wallpapers, screen savers and really just a lot more little tweaks that will certainly enhance your device. Now as you can see I have done a video, but if you like I will show you images with step by step guides its totally up to you, plus feel free to ask any questions and I will do my very best to help you out.

Please remember that once you get the hang of this you will be able to customise any build you install, it will be exactly the same process to assign a video add-on to a sub menu, and set a label then give it an action. The learning curve is quite steep but be rest assured there is no coding involved. I will be adding further videos to this section which will involve a small about of code editing, this will be to change the fonts, colours etc on the main menu. Finally, and hopefully we will go in to actually editing the xml file, but thats only if theres a need and interest in it. I have created this website and my youtube channel for, so whatever you ask I shall do, think of me as your KODI 2016 teacher.

Until next time keep geeking.



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