Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – Unboxing & Setup

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One of the first deliveries of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. A quick unboxing and setup video demoing some of the new features on this next generation MacBook Pro.



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  1. Apple is so losing me as a customer by not including the extension cord for the charger, thankfully they include one with the new Razer Mamba mouse now, check my unboxing of that

  2. There was already a brightness up and a brightness down button which you removed and tried to replace with a brightness slider. There was enough space available at that position to show the separate up/down buttons but not enough space to show a slider. Granted, Apple should probably prevent or warn you whenever there is not enough space to display a particular button on the Touch Bar where you're trying to place it.

  3. After 24 hours with the butterfly keyboard, I have to say that I'm not sure that I'll ever become accustomed to the sound it makes. It sounds cheap. However, although typing was weird at first, I'm slowly adjusting to it and finding that it's pretty easy to type on. It's definitely going to take more getting used to, but overall it's not a bad sacrifice for the size decrease in my opinion.

  4. This is the kind of review I like. My thoughts – we need a 17". Also, I think a stylus pen needs to be used with the track pad in lieu of the touchbar if Apple is insistent to not make touch screens. I don't know why they just don't use touch screens like their iPhones, and why they don't make these as 2-1 convertibles. The stylus pen would make people work faster than toying around with touchbars and touchscreens. Have a clickable stylus. Also, the lit Apple logo is advertisement – why they did away with that was needless. Most people don't care, I really don't, but a nice silver light to match the space grey would've been aesthetically appealing. I have a 2011 17" anti-glare with higher specs and more options and features than this (and I can swap out SSD's which this can't). I will wait until Apple does something worth upgrading for – thinner, lighter and emoji access is no reason to buy new. The older population and people in video and photography and design need size – so seriously Apple – bring back a 17" machine – but, thank you for raising the value and relevance of my 6 year old Macbook Pro.

  5. I have the 15 inch on order. When I watched this intro I get this cancellation feeling. Do I really want to pay so much for this buggy contraption? My current MBP is 4.5 years old but still works. This touch bar is more a marketing gimmick than anything. I am not sure if I want to go ahead with my order.

  6. i visit ifixed site, i learned that the SSD harddrive and all other components are FIXED onto the mainboard. That means if your SSD drive fails YOU NEED BUY A NEW MACBOOK !!! you cant replace anything nor the ram , nor the cpu ,nor the ssd , WTF ! apple shit 2016 tim cock is fucking this company


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