BEAST UPDATE JUNE 30 |You have to see this!


The latest Beast update brings some fantastic additions to what is already an amazing build, personally I would get installing this right now, with some amazing EPG add-on which blew my mind and some cheeky little extras from UK Turks. A small but LOADED build that is suitable for all devices you will love it. Remember to carry out a fresh start prior to installation as the lat thing you want is any issues. Well done to Chris for this Superb update, could this be the beast BEAST release yet | What are you waiting for, go check it out.

beast update

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Thank you to all 16,000 of you that have visited the website in the last 2 weeks its been amazing, I really hope that you are enjoying it, remember email me if you believe I could make some changes I will get round to doing it. See I am quite busy as I am a 1 man band, full time job, and a dog, then Youtube, Website, Looking after other websites and iOS app design, plus I try to answer ALL your questions on EVERY social media site, so If I am bit behind the curve on day then please give reminder of your questions / feedback and  I will respond ASAP.

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    • Thats ok mate, its just because everything needs to update in the background, some builds take even longer!!!


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