Latest Computer Viruses

A Simple Click Really Helps

Anyone consistently browsing the web, especially downloading files should protect their system from the latest computer viruses.

Whether it’s a group of students working away at virus code in their spare time or crack teams of professional hackers – new viruses are released everyday. Fortunately many don’t go global, so it’s not too much of an ‘Internet Epidemic’.

With each virus having its own personal mission, varying from data theft to total domination! Keeping clean now will save you from troubles in the long run. I use to think ‘if it’s not broken – why fix it?’ Believe me; it’s much easier to prevent something than actually having to deal with it. I could write a whole book of my frustrations with virus infections, all because of my stubbornness towards installing virus-protection. Let’s just say leaving yourself unprotected from the latest computer viruses is asking for trouble.

Where can you find listings of the latest computer viruses? Your anti-virus software should keep you updated with news of big virus infections; if your virus protection is outdated or the license has expired you can search up on the Norton and MacroVirus websites for up-to-date information and how to avoid specific virus hotspots.

With virus technology constantly changing, the protection programs are hot on their tale. Many infections can be stopped by updating or changing your web browser. Why? Because many websites are built purely for infecting you with viruses, updating your browser client may prevent infection or at the very least gives you a warning before opening the page content completely.

Source by Alex Redbridge


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