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Mobile phones have have become one of the most sought after gadgets of recent times for itsconceptual look and extended innovative features. Most of these latest phones have come up with advanced technology, so as to meet the desires of the users. Everyone like handsets with sophisticated and glamorous features, that can make it more user friendly. The most striking feature here is that, most of the latest phones have sleek designs as well as various entertainment options. For instance, the Nokia phones have created waves in the market for their masterpiece designs as well as stunning features. Though there are various Nokia phones available in the market, but the Nokia 7610 Supernova has become one of the most famous handsets of recent times.

This widget with its classy and sophisticated look provides excellent network connections that can keep you connected even when you are based at the remotest of places, or travelling by train. What is really special about this phone is the fact that, it is a GSM mobile phone that provides excellent network connections all the time. The look and glamour of this handset has been further enhanced by its excellent TFT display with screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels. It is actually the classy look of the Nokia 7610 Supernova that has attracted the youngsters. It has become a fashion statement for those who like to flaunt mobile phones to express their fashion quotient. This handset with its cool looks and unique features which have appealed the younger generation.

However, it would be wrong to say that, this phone is usually availed by the youngsters, because it has already created a huge craze among the professionals and the middle aged people. Most people like it because of its memory capacity and its multiple data transferring options. It has GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth features that help to share data with other mobiles. Other than these, it also has a USB port that helps you to transfer data with external gadgets like, PC, Laptop and other compatible devices. This phone has a memory capacity of upto 2 GB, thus leaving enough space for you to save files that have transferred and downloaded in your mobile itself. Now when we talk about downloading, the first thing that comes in our mind is the Internet facility that this widget provides. This is one of the most striking features of this widget, where you can access maximum Internet facility with built-in WAP browser. The presence of WAP browser gives a desktop feeling while web browsing.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova has gained further popularity for its other additional features. It has multiple messaging features in the form of SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging. This phone also has various entertainment features like, high resolution camera with various additional features, music players that support multiple formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA player. With such vast scopes in this tiny phone, it is quite obvious that this widget has become one of the most desirable communication devices of the recent times.

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