LG 34UC79G-B Review | sharp enough? | 34″ Ultrawide gaming monitor

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Review: LG 34UC79G-B
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2nK1f9X (affiliate)

00:43 Overview
01:50 OSD & Software
03:22 Panel Quality
04:55 Video XP
05:35 Gaming XP
07:22 Is it sharp enough?
08:44 Pros & Cons
12:19 Conclusion

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  1. Very nice review. I have the 29" 75hz version and like it a lot. Fits nice with my GTX 1070 in terms of FPS and I don't plan to go back to a widescreen monitor ever in terms of gaming and general usability (study, work, browsing etc.) However, my first one came with a severe case of backlight bleed (I returned it) and even at 29" you can notice pixelation sometimes. You can notice motion blur only if you're really looking for it.

    Based on mine, I wouldn't recommend paying 2.5x the price to get the 34UC79G model mainly because of the 1080p resolution. The big size is actually a downside here. The 144hz is the only real practical advantage comparing both, but let's face it, not so useful if you don't have some 1080 ti or something like it.

    Unfortunately, there's no solid "medium range" ultrawide monitor on the market. You have the good cheap options (like mine) or the good expensive options (like the Asus PG348Q). The supposed medium option, like the LG 34UC79G, is actually an upgraded cheap option which costs way more than the upgrades' value.

  2. I'll be getting this monitor soon. 🙂
    2560×1080 is absolutely fine for gaming, As you said, easier to drive and cheaper. 144Hz to boot!
    Amazing monitor.


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