LG Mobile Phones and BlackBerry Mobile Phones – Astonishing With Innovative Features

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There are a number of brands that are popular in the mobile phone market that have attracted the people across the globe. Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG etc. are some of the brand names that are popular in the market. All the companies have launched the handsets with a number of features. The LG mobile phones and BlackBerry mobile phones can be compared in this respect. Both of these brands are launching the the handsets with plenty of sophisticated features. The models of these companies have many similar as well as dissimilar features. Users can choose any of the models as per their choice.

Some of the latest models of LG mobile phones can be mentioned here. The popular models of the BlackBerry are Curve 8900, Storm 9500, Storm 9530 etc. On the other hand, the LG has launched the models such as GC900 Viewty smart, GD330, Xenon etc. One of the special features that is found in most of the BlackBerry mobile phones is their QWERTY keyboard. With the help of this feature you can type the data at a fast speed. LG has also launched these feature in some of its gadgets like LG KS360 etc.

The models of both brands have the browsers that allow you the smart Internet surfing. Most of the BlackBerry mobile phones have the HTML supported browsers. Whereas, WAP support is also available in most of the LG mobile phones. The 3G support has come in the models of both the manufacturers. The camera feature is another advantage that have attracted a lot of users across the world. The 3.2 mega pixels camera is very common in the gadgets of both of these brands. Some of the models may have 8 mega pixels cam too.

The mobile phones of these companies support almost all the famous music formats such as MP3, MPEG4, 3gp etc. BlackBerry maps is the another feature that is unique in the BlackBerry handsets. This feature allows you to see the electronic maps of many areas. GPS support is available in these gadgets in order to locate various places and the landmarks in a territory. Many of the LG handsets also come with GPS facility.

On the basis of the analysis between LG mobile phones and BlackBerry mobile phones, the conclusion come that both the handsets of these companies have the features that are liked by the present day users. There are a large number of fans of the handsets of both these brands. The users will not repent if they buy the model of any of these companies. There are a number of handsets are being launched by LG as well as BlackBerry. It is expected that, in the near future, these brands will release some more gadgets with the features that are not imagined as yet. Hence get the handset of the LG and BlackBerry and get amazed with the interesting features which are available in them.

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