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The mode of delivery for Internet television is streaming video on an Internet location typically a website. Internet TV is defined as the ability to view video streams over the Internet. In the past the constraint of limited bandwidth has confined the images to small windows and coarse resolutions.

However, newer and ever improving codec’s like DivX coupled with the advent of fast broadband Internet have produced exceptionally high quality images. The advancement in both broadband technology that has enhance Internet delivery and graphic media player has to a great degree, save the costs of streaming bandwidth and the technical ability of generating a clear quality picture streamed full screen over the Internet. Internet connection speeds has move today from kilobytes to megabytes and gigabytes.

Application and video streaming that was considered a rare occurrence for researches have now gone commercial to make viewing TV online a possibility. The advances in technology, the daily growing number of people online, and the decrease in Internet connectivity costs has also attract the Tv stations and broadcasting providers over to the Internet.

The cable and satellite television stations are not left in this scramble for the Internet, as they too are now seriously involved in streaming the same content over the Internet, thus protecting the cable systems’ contracted “right of first use” for the content.

The presentation model for Internet TV consists of interactive pages with embedded video streams which was mainly the carrier of broadcast television. This streaming technology was a limitation to the anticipated widespread adoption of Internet TV.

The bandwidth constraint meant that streams were using low bandwidth and that resulted in poor quality, while increasing the bandwidth will results in high costs for the providers. With more data compressing techniques and the use of flash for videos, bandwidth was no longer a barrier couple with the lowering cost of broadband technology.

I personally wonder at this stage of offering some shows online, if these broadcasting networks are attempting to expand their market in terms of increasing the fan base of their popular show. Really, there is a good chance that they will find a way to charge viewers of popular shows instead of offering the ability to watch TV online for free.

My main relief is that you can watch TV online with fewer commercials. I am satisfied with my satellite TV on PC software which allows me to watch TV online with fewer commercials.

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