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Where to find the best sports add-ons on Kodi to watch your favorites sports and teams; enjoy.

Go to SYSTEM – File Manager and click Add source and add the following sources with the path and name: – fusion – xfinity – MK Repo – ares – SuperRepo – bbts

Go to SYSTEM – Settings – Add-Ons – Install from zip file and install the following repositories:

ares –
bbts – Download&
fusion – xbmc-repos – English –
fusion – xbmc-repos – English –
fusion – xbmc-repos – English –
fusion – xbmc-repos – English –
fusion – xbmc-repos – English –
fusion – xbmc-repos – international –
MK Repo –
SuperRepo – jarvis – all – (if you’re using a different version of Kodi like Isengard (15.x), chose that folder instead)
xfinity –

Go to SYSTEM – Settings – Add-Ons – Install from repository and install the following add-ons:

.XunityTalk Repository – Video add-ons – Football Replays
BBTS – Repo – Video add-ons – BBTS
MetalKettles Addon Repository – Video add-ons – Live Mix
MetalKettles Addon Repository – Video add-ons – UK Turk Playlists
MetalKettles Addon Repository – Video add-ons – UKTV Again
Natko1412 repo – Video add-ons – Castaway
podgod repo – Video add-ons – Pro Sport
RayW1986 Repo – Video add-ons – All Wrestling
Shanis Addon Repository – Video add-ons – Addon Repository – Video add-ons – Phoenix
Unofficial SportsDevil Repository – Video add-ons – Sportsdevil

Go to Programs – Ares Wizard – Browse Addons – Video add-ons – install NJM-Soccer

SPORTSDEVIL – Live Sports and select the website, then chose the sport and chose the game; not all links work, try the different links and if not try another sites links. (needs manual update from time to time)

Pro Sport – NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB (straight forward easy to use)

cCloud TV – Sports – different live sports networks

Castaway – Live Sport and Sport On Demand – various live sports sites with lots of links and also on demand games

Live Mix – Sports (various live sports channels)

Phoenix – Phoenix Sports or Phoenix TV

Channel pear – Sports – a few live sports networks

UK Turks playlists – Lots of sports channels from different countries; lots of UK stuff and EPL

Uktv Again – Sports – different live sport UK networks

BBTS – SPORTS (International add-on with sports networks)

All Wrestling – replays of major wwe, ufc and other events

Always remember by adding your channels to your favourites in Kodi so you can access them all easily on the main menu with the little STAR icon bottom left.

Thanks to all the developers, Kodi communities and programmers who have made this possible 🙂



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  1. NFL network is THEE worst thing to try to watch NONE OF THE PEOPLE doing videos to help don't know anything the videos are all worthless your better off adding every path to NFL football to favorites and going from one to another until one works and even then it'll drop forcing you to click it again and again til you say fuck Fire stick and call your local cable carrier.


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