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You couldn’t have asked more out of your celebrations. So much that all your events, parties – regardless of whether they are private or public – can now go global! Live streaming makes that possible with the simplicity of your wish. More and more families spread across United States, the UK, Australia and India are coming together on the Live streaming platform without compromising on their professional/personal commitments. All it takes is opening their PCs/laptops and watch the event live.

Live video webcasting from India is not new. Only that it got better with the best and latest technologies. What’s more? You can stream your events to your select user group and shoot an invitation email all at one go. So, it is your event made live exclusively for your people, without missing a moment of celebration. Whatever you call it – occasions, celebrations, events, parties or get-togethers – these moments can be made live and more enjoyable.  

Brought to you live from India by 16Frames, this pioneering Video Streaming service makes your events livelier than ever before. Be it your little one’s first birthday, your parents’ anniversary or a wedding, all your family events can become live for those who missed being at the venue in India. Simultaneously, the event can be recorded to be made available in a CD/DVD format for later use.

With 16Frames, it’s not just live viewing but in-the-moment experience. Unlike other traditional means of live streaming/webcasting which use webcams and other low-end devices, 16Frames deploys the best video cameras and broadband connectivity to ensure clear and unhindered viewing experience.

Individuals and businesses (MNC corporates) are equally benefiting from this service for the immense impact and experience it gives to viewers abroad. From private parties to public events, you can now broadcast it live to any number of chosen audiences. All it takes to enable live streaming of your events is a phone call and event details. The team at 16Frames will be right there at the event to setup and air the event with in 12 hours.

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We live stream Private, Public, and Corporate Events. A list of events is below.

1.    Private Events
1.1.    Weddings
1.2.    Birthdays
1.3.    Anniversaries
1.4.    House Warming
1.5.    Family Reunions
1.6.    Celebrations
2.    Corporate Events
2.1.    Meetings
2.2.    Conferences
2.3.    Product Releases
2.4.    Workshops
2.5.    AGMs
2.6.    Corporate Training
2.7.    Press Conferences
2.8.    Presentations and Reports
2.9.    Advertising
2.10.    Commercial Events
2.11.    Surveillance and Monitoring
3.    Public Events
3.1.    Religious Events
3.2.    Cultural Events
3.3.    Concerts
3.4.    Movie Functions
3.5.    Political Events
3.6.    Sports Events
3.7.    Live TV
3.8.    Online Tutoring
3.9.    Web Based Distance Learning

16Frames offers the best live streaming from India at attractive price points. Watch the demo on to know more on the stream (audio/video) quality. You will agree – this is technology for everyone. To get a feel of the how this happens, logon to and sign-up using an easy registration form. You will find a host of features and tools to help you with customizing and sending in invitation mailers to your friends and family.

Please find below few of our technology and product highlights.

1.    Speed – High speed uninterrupted streaming with low bandwidth requirements for online viewers; instant streaming
2.    Quality – High resolution crystal-clear Video and uncluttered and clear Audio; advanced buffering technology eliminates ‘Frozen Frames’
3.    Reliability – 24/7 availability with very high fire, flood, earthquake, and all other safety measures in place
4.    Pricing – Affordable pricing and customers pay only what they use; flexibility to pay by hour or by number of viewers
5.    Technology – End-to-End solutions with features like ‘Automated Webcast Status’ and Online or Desktop Encoding options
6.    Service – Register online and we will take care of the rest. Feasibility within four working days; Best in the industry customer service;
7.    Mobility – Extremely mobile; Live Streaming is done either by using high speed internet connections or WiMAX

Live streaming with 16Frames is the best social media can ever get. It’s about having a personal space for your events, even as they get livened by technology.

Source by Potluri Chowdary
Potluri Chowdary

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