Live with YouTube Gaming Episode 6: Blizzcon, PS4 Pro, iJustine, Boogie2988

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Don’t miss PlayStation’s Shawn Layden live with updates on PS4 Pro and PSVR, a preview of Blizzcon 2016, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, plus appearances by iJustine, Boogie2988, AngryJoe, Dear Bosman and more with Geoff Keighley. Live with YouTube Gaming!

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Live with YouTube Gaming Airs Thursday Night Live at 8pm ET / 5 pm PT.



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  1. One man's lie 35:00. Their still working at it? Really? Exactly how do you know that? Sean Murray can't even be arsed to post a comment on his game or his company. As far as I'm aware Hello Games could be about to go into administration!

  2. Literally LOVED the PS1 segment. Please make more of the retrogames series. Also Shawn Layden is a very laid back and informative gentleman. A pleasure to listen to his interviews.
    And yes. I think Hello Games had a huge plan for No Man's Sky, I'll play it in some days on the channel and actually see how it is, looking forward to that, and to the next episode! Keep em comin!

  3. used to watch all of "Hey Watcha Playin Ash?" on GameTrailers and omg she is too funny. I had no idea it was her thats been voicing alot of characters lately. IMO Chloe from Life Is Strange was one of the best performed characters in videogame history.

  4. No apology for no mans sky. Admitted it did not meet any expectations. I would love to hear an explanation for the high price tag. If you charge a mint, you should meet ALL expectations!

  5. The insight and perspective about/on the strike from Ashley was really good!

    That discussion was really cool.

    Also the interview with Sean seemed really candid – especially the part about No Mans Sky. I REALLY appreciated Sean's tone!


    The concept of jeff vs sean layden in toshinden is amazing.


    bossman nailed it
    the 4th wall bit about everyone loving him making
    fun of battleborn and him taunting battleborn
    about everyone laughing at him making fun of battleborn
    was awesome

    i was laughing, tears happpened


    Great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So excited for last guardian stuff next week and I'm pumped for the game awards / PSX

  6. Ashley Burch said that only three games in 2015 sold more than one million copies which is the threshold to trigger residuals. This is absolutely false. The top 10 listed in one 'best of 2015' article* all sold many millions of copies. There were 6 games that sold 1million or more on Steam^ ALONE. Ashley is either misinformed or deliberately downplaying the extent of the residual scheme put forward by SAG.

  7. He should've asked the sony executive to let us change our psn id's. I mean they must have pretty rubbish enginners for that not to happen, when Microsoft can do it on the xbox one.

  8. I do agree, the requests from the voice actors seem reasonable. That said, I personally disagree on the importance of voice actors. I do think bad ones, just as good ones can impact a game, but not that heavily.
    I think even games like the Last of Us or the Life is Strange would work text based without much loss.

  9. It's funny how no one from Sony are talking about how much you will need to spend on a 4K TV that will play 4K games with acceptable input lag. In the region of £3000.

    Also he's got the face to defend Hello Games? 🙂 Mate the offices are empty. Shaun Murray didn't almost make the game he wanted, he told lie after lie after lie. Then they don't even talk to the community for a month and explain what they are doing. If this is Sony then they can stick it.


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