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The iPhone is a technology marvel. The handheld device is one part iPod, one part cell phone and one part wireless Internet access. The feature list of the eagerly anticipated iPhone is remarkable. From the ability to listen to music and watch movies to cell phone and text capabilities to taking pictures and video all with on board Wi-Fi with fully functional web surfing capabilities, you can essentially do it all when you buy an Apple iPhone.

The iPhone is a beautiful device that prominently features a 3.5″ display screen. Noticeably missing from the iPhone are all the buttons typically featured on existing handheld devices. That’s because the iPhone utilizes the touch screen method to control input and navigation similar to the iPod.

The iPhone utilizes a version of the Mac Safari web browser which allows full web pages to be re-sized for viewing on the iPhone. It also allows you to zoom in and out of pages. One thing that needs to be addressed is, at the present time, you can’t use the iPhone’s web capabilities to download music or videos from iTunes. You will need to use your existing PC or Mac to download movies or music and then transfer to the iPhone. This is likely something that will be corrected.

If you’re looking to buy the Apple iPhone, you will have two options, a 4GB model with a $499 retail tag and a 5GB version $ that will retail for $599. The iPhone is scheduled for a June 29, 2007 release.

AT&T (Cingular Wireless), is the exclusive iPhone carrier through 2009 so you may need to do a carrier shuffle if you decide to buy Apple iPhone and don’t currently utilize the AT&T network.

iPhone’s will be available on a first first come, first served basis.

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