Unboxing of the brand new 2016 13 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar. Is it worth the price tag? Stay posted for my full review!

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  1. If I would like to upgrade from my 2011 MacBook Pro to the 2016 pro with touch bar do you guys think it worth it? Or I should wait a little more because there will be upgrades to the new pro? Actually WILL apple update the MacBook Pro with touch bar in the near future?

    Sorry if I sounded confused ^^' thank you for the answers!

  2. You actually are seeing a massive graphics improvement with the 2016 13" MBP having a intel iris 550 compared to last years 6100, the 550 has around 40% better gaming performance and adds 10-25FPS on graphical intensive tasks like gaming for example

  3. Hi guys, I need some advice. I'm planning to get a MacBook (I don't have one yet) and can't decide if it is worth getting the 13" with touchbar, or the 13" 2015 pro with an i7. What do you guys think I should get?

  4. Apple couldnt put in a more ram at that clock speed + the newer CPU cause it would have ruined the battery life.. and for them to compensate that, they would have to put in a battery that is over 100 watts, which is over the FAA limit to carry on an airplane. Apple has always been about battery life, and us humans live life on-the-go, so I rather have best battery life possible than to simply have a chip that I can wait and get in 2-3 years when it becomes more and more efficient, same goes for the ram.

    next apple computer refresh will be iMac (2017), and Ill bet everything in my bank that it will have a minimum of 16gb ram, with a 32gb-64gb option along with the new kaby lake processor( maybe even the newest cannon lake)

  5. One of the reasons why it's so expensive is because the base model comes with 256 GB storage, isn't it? I just checked on the Apple website, and buying a MacBook Pro 13" 2015 model with the upgraded 256 GB would cost the same as the new MacBook Pro 13" without the OLED strip.

  6. You don't need to live a dongle life. Who the hell carried around HDMI cables before? You leave them at your desk along with your monitor and plug the thing in when you get to office or workplace. I don't see why anyone would carry anything other than a charging cable and even that is retarded. In fact now you can charge it with any after market battery pack using these ports…. cables are pointless and have never been an issue. People are just bitching. Also their chips are old yes but more efficient which is pointless because they decreased the battery size. The touch bar is a cool but it's in no way a game changer. You buy these Lap tops for the build quality, Apple customer service if you ever need (ever dealt with team India from dell??) and Mac OS X. Windows pc's might have more power but their OS is like android… runs on a million different hardware configurations… will never outperform OS X with stability and consistency.


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