Macbook Pro 2016: Hands-On

We take a first look at Apple’s new Macbook Pro. Full details:

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  1. They increased the cost of macbook pro and making people spend more additionally (Thunder bolt adapter $49, USB-C to Lightning Cable $25, USB-C to USB Adapter $19, Power Adapter Extension Cable $19. Having to buy all of these acessories is complete bullshit if they are trying to improve portability.

  2. Let me tell you why this touch bar is stupid:
    1) What about the function keys? A lot of applications' keyboard shortcuts revolve around them.
    2) A MacBookPro is a PROFESSIONAL machine, meaning pros essentially use it as a desktop. I put mine on a stand, connect it to two monitors and connect my mechanical keyboard. No one's gunna do real work on the laptop keyboard.

    Am I wrong??

  3. So to connect an iPhone 7 to your new macbook pro you need to get another cable. Also you kept an headphone jack, really I thought lighting was better. go f**k yourself apple

  4. I would love to know if I should splurge and get this new 13' 2016 (with touch bar) or just get a 15' 2015. Im a college student so price and necessities like USB ports is what has me on the fence.

  5. "performance far exceeds any lightweight laptop you've seen"

    Are you fucking delusional? It's a low power 15W CPU, no GPU, no ports, shite keyboard… You said it yourself, the standout feature is a touch strip… that's all you need to know people

  6. People are really missing the point when they say either "A touch screen would be better" or "The Touch Bar just displays stuff that is already on the screen in the first place". NO. The Touch Bar is meant to display application specific and even tool contextual shortcuts that would normally be buried in menus and submenus. And let's not forget about the ability to see your entire timeline in Premiere Pro and Final Cut in the Touch Bar whilst working in a more detailed view on the screen. Again, just having a touch screen would not allow for this.

  7. Much fuss for no reason!
    I do not understand the enthusiasm of Apple fans flock, it seems that no matter how dark shit about the people they will be blind and eat all the crap that this company sells them. People open your eyes, beyond that sell you a thin piece of aluminum there's almost nothing that justifies the high price of computer An guess what will next model 2 pieces Aluminum minutes and logos Apple and that now account 3.000 model starting if you want a keyboard and more uplink piece of tin you will have to pay 3.500 dollars
    It forecast the next two years here I have saved you thousands of hours of waiting for the next thing and do not need to hear the other nonsense we all know what Apple is going… MAC CRAP PRO!

  8. The new Mac Book Pro lineup seems to force current MBP users to buy ridiculously costly adapaters. Shouldn't they include the adapters so as to help the user transition to the new MBP lineup? Currently, the force buy is a punishment to loyal users. Actively looking into Windows Surface…

  9. The touch bar doesn't really work for me. When i type i don't look at the keyboard.. it would be quicker than look down to that stupid bar and find to the web site or any bookmark on it.. i think USB port is important than that stupid bar dude

  10. As a mac user I am really disappointed at Apple. Good display, but the price for a "solid feeling laptop" is pretty stupid. A professional laptop would have professional-level connectivity and the latest internals. That goes for the graphics card, too.

  11. After waiting for such a long time whilst missing out on the Apple Education offer for the previous Macbook Pro… I'm UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED at the pricing for this notebook. its too overpriced! i'm deffo not spending my hard earned cash on a tiny 13" notebook!


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