MacBook Pro 2016 (Parody)

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What’s good everyone!

After this week’s unveiling of the the MacBook Pro 2016, we thought we would make a quick parody on how we felt about the device 🙂

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– It takes Two

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  1. LMFAO! The LIBERAL SMUGNESS of the FAGGOTS at APPLE has reached a
    CRESCENDO! I mean, a so-called "PRO MACHINE" that we have to carry to
    BUSINESS MEETINGS then fumble like AWKWARD IDIOTS in front of our
    clients when they hand us a simple USB FLASH DRIVE or SD CARD, or even
    an OVERHEAD PROJECTOR JACK that we're unable to plug it in… LOL! but
    thats APPLE for ya! They know better than you, and they know the
    FUTURE, and they build MACHINES that will force everyone else to UPGRADE
    all their HARDWARE DEVICES to conform to your Computer of
    Choice….right? LOL! Looks like I'll be keeping my Mid 2015 Model
    and riding that out till 2018 when they are FORCED to correct this
    to the PC (you know,… a company that actually makes PRODUCTS I need
    and can actually use) …

  2. How do I put a floppy in this thing please help my previous laptop you could put in a floppy but I can't find where to put the floppy in this thing please help my sin city 2000 save game is on my floppy drive

  3. Omg 😂😂😂😂 hilarious.. U ppl r also gr8 actors…. U ppl should also do some pranks u ppl r so creative m sure your pranks will be very innovative…. Looking forward for your pranks.


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