MacBook Pro 2016: What is Apple Doing?

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Sources: Apple will finally update its Mac lineup on October 27th:

MacBook Pro 2016 Concept art by Martin Hajek:
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  1. Thanks for your insightful and unbiased review of today's Apple and its products ! I'm a long-time Mac and Apple product user . . . who has been baffled by the lengthy delays in meaningful upgrades and genuine breakthroughs . . . Enough of the ridiculous car thing – it's not likely they would have succeeded in this new direction. By the way, the last Mac Pro update was when ? ? And no, the bathroom trash can does not count. Keep up the great work, Computing Forever :-)

  2. Side note: I didn't feel pushed, pressured or anything to get the AirPods when I got my iPhone 7. In fact, I still use my Bose QC25 headphones with them (though I don't use headphones with my phone much anyways)…and yeah I'm not impressed with the idea of any bluetooth earbud

    Onto the point of the video, I think Microsoft really outdid themselves this year and made a great product, putting Apple in the dim light. The price increase of their product line doesn't impress me, seeing to get anything better than a meh MacBook Air, I need to spend $500 more than I'm willing to spend. Which stinks. As for the new Pro having only USB Type C ports, I believe that's going to be the main move of the premium tier laptop market as they get smaller and as the ports support EVERYTHING. Which is cool minus the adapters

  3. You know what would be interesting? If Apple (or anyone for that matter) developed an internal device that enabled you to dock a USB, simply by having it touch the computer. And I don't mean a new fangled Apple USB Pro, I'm talking every day USBs.

    I know it's possible to charge a device based on contact with a special dock, why not send information as well?

  4. apple lost my business after I spent 30 mins in an apple store trying to explain that I wanted to run 2 monitors off a Mac. Something I thought would be easy……not according to the "geniuses" in that shop

  5. I actually think the non-Touch bar model comes in at a price that's not too expensive, since you get 256GB of storage compared to last generation's 128GB, and a much faster SSD. However, the Touch Bar models are not worth it and are indeed quite overpriced in my opinion.

  6. Hello there nice info . I messed up my current macbook so im looking forward buy a new one. Do u thing i should stick on the previuos model?? Or get the last generation? Of u were me what would u do… NOTE: i use my device browersing, some office tasks and sometime i use dj software ( tracktor)

  7. Tim Cook has changed the Mac from a fully fledged computer into an appliance, and I think he simply cannot control Jony Ive's preciosity like Jobs did. It's hard to admit, but yea, Apple cannot make pro level laptops anymore. Their fetish with ever thinner cases means they are using substandard components and heat profiles guaranteed to destroy the chipsets after a couple of years. What's more, this new MacBook Pro has absorbed all of traits of the consumer-level MacBook, which is nonsensical for a Mac that isn't supposed to be consumer-level. Oh but there's a wonky touch strip, so it's "Pro".

    If your incentive to drive innovation is based on repeat customers who will buy just about anything you release, well then just don't call yourself an innovative tech company anymore.

  8. Tim Cook is forcing us to get usb dongles, is replacing the emoji gun with a water pistol, is getting rid of the audio jack on the iPhone 7… what is wrong with this man? Hmmm… i should say something not politically correct, but I let you use your vivid imagination… He is really starting to piss me off! Please someone replace him!

  9. I am going to buy this. The one with the touch-bar.
    Reason being is that I am currently in highschool, but I'm thinking about not going to college and want to dedicate all my time to becoming a professional DJ. The DJ demonstration at the event put me over the edge and solidified my intent on becoming a DJ. I know macbooks have been the pro DJ's choice for ever and that is why, with this touch-bar, I will be well on my way to my career. I have also seen a LOT of Nike commercials that have basically told me that I am an Army of ONE, and that I can do anything I put my mind to. In life, JUST DO IT, is my maxim. My highschool teacher also told me that I have a creative streak and that I am talented and that I could succeed in anything. He also told me to never settle for a regular job and I must always ENJOY what I am doing for a living. That way it will never seem like a job. I am also African American and see that there is an African American in every single Apple commercial, despite us being only 12% of the population…therefore they are basically marketing these to talented people like me. We are the future of this country and it all starts with this touch-bar. You are reading this here first: I will donate 50% of my first successful track's profits to the troops. The heros who are killing terrorists overseas and keeping us safe here in the USA. Thank you Apple for this touchbar, it will make my dreams come true. Peace. #BLM

  10. I honestly don't know what's going on at Apple. I used to roll my eyes when I read this very comment, but… They're not the same without Jobs. Jobs could better manage their money-hungry urges while still managing to pack their products with enough value to warrant the higher price tag. But not anymore. They use the premium and stunning outside of their products to mask the dog poo inside

  11. Not a fan of the pro line anymore because I just like like Apple has taken to much away. Id miss the magsafe port, the usb type A ports and the function key row. Its one thing to do that to the lower end macbooks like the 12 inch and maybe the macbook air but the pro line is suppose to have something the other macs dont. At least thats what I think. I much rather give up some thinnest for some more power and ports, hell maybe even a disk drive or 2 slots for 2 SSD's ha but Im just dreaming, I know Apple would never put 2 slots for 2 SSD's in a laptop. Dont get me wrong I still LOVE Apples products but its just a crying ass shame apple took away most ports including the charging port for just usb type c ports.

  12. what a terrible disappointment, gimmick touch bar, WAY more expensive, need a dongal to connect even my iphone. no gold color. no sd card slot. i hope apple tanks. im going back to windows. this release is the last straw for me. did i mention its incompatible with my iphone without buying an adapter ? on a 2800$ joke laptop

  13. I know macs arent priority for games. But let me say this. I have a 2006 imac with a core 2 duo 2ghz and a radeon x1600. mac os 10.6.8 installed steam via 3rd party site due to 10.6.8 being dropped from steam support. I got to install portal 2. I cant run portal 2 because the x1600 is below system requirements and refuses to run. Okay no. I had an old PC with Windows XP and a Geforce FX 5500. and guess what. the game launched on it. whoa now. I install Duke nukem 3D on steam i got from the complete collection before the 20th anniversary edition. I cant run Duke 3D because my x1600 is too weak to play the game. at this point im screaming mentally until it force launches anyway and GUESS WHAT? It runs perfectly. I bet if i got a mac cracked version of portal 2 rather than using the steam version, it'd work. I can almost bet. But honestly. If i want a really decent powered mac. I'd get a decent PC or laptop and do a hackintosh.

  14. Hey when the time comes for no ports it would be a bold move to transform the iphone into a desktop imac. just place it by a display, keyboard and magic mouse and start using your iphone as an imac. Before Steve died apple made some changes to the dash board i was sure that in two years we would have this idea in stores to buy but Tim Cook is no Steve. Can you amagine the hype that would make! Apple could sell the displays for the price of imacs and people would stand in line to buy them

  15. if apple kills usb it would be a mistake FOR THE CURRENT TIME NOT THE FUTURE. if anything they should hace it use usbc to charge, another 2 usb type c ports and then 2 usb 3.0 ports. that i think is the best compromise.

  16. I have criticisms for both Apple and Apple critics alike. For Apple, if they don't wish to completely redesign their machines that often, the at least update the specs on a yearly basis. No one is asking for a completely redesigned Mac Pro, but they are asking for a Mac Pro that doesn't have 2013 specs. Or if they choose not to update the machines, then discount them in order to justify the price. As for the Mac critics, a lot of you have to understand that the demand for updated machines every 6 months just isn't there anymore. A lot of people don't use the traditional computer as their main source of computing anymore. Also, even back in the day, Apple did not release new Macs on a strict time schedule like they do with the iPhone. While Apple did update the specs of a machine more often, they only released completely new Macs when there was a demand for them. But again, back then there was more of a demand for them than there is now.

    So while I do think Apple should keep it's Mac product line up to date, I do not believe they need the same exact attention as their iOS products.

  17. I have a 13" MBP retina, mid 2014, 16GB ram, 3GHz i7, 1.5GB intel iris graphics and 1TB SSD, was just over £2k. I've spent the last week using a high end Surface Book that cost almost as much, similar spec but with nVidia graphics card in the keyboard part and half the SSD storage. The Surface Book drives two Dell 4k monitors no problem. My MBP regularly struggles with batch processing of images from my Canon 5DSR and Fujifilm camera's, couldn't even begin to drive two 4k monitors and handles large batch process with ease. I am no longer excited about the new MBP, but I'm eager to see the improvements Microsoft will announce with the new Surface Book, and I think it will be my what I move to next.

  18. I'm an IT, graphics and photography proffesional, and thus I've use a lot of different Apple and MacBook computers trough my profession. Apple has been going down hill, especially after the Steve Jobs passed away. They've made stupid and incomprehensible choices aimed at the consumer market, while steadily leaving professionals behind.

    Today, if you've got anything resembling a professional camera, you are forced to use the confusingly named 'Images' application (previously known and hated as iPhoto) to import your photographies, all the while Adobe's professional tools are undercut in what I can only describe as a conscious attempt at suppressing them.

    In order to gain back control over your actual image files, being held hostage by the Images application, you have to export them from it. I have no words to describe how frustrating those extra steps are, especially since it effectively makes it impossible to set your own metadata for the images while you import them.

    This is just one of many gripes I have with the recent Apple products. I haven't even touched upon hardware, for which new design "features" are increasingly confusing and frustrating. Why do they need to glue on the batteri and solder the RAM, for instance? Yeah, I'm sure it make's it thinner and lighter but it also makes it a complete pain to upgrade and repair, not to mention way more expensive to do so. Nevermind cutting support for the USB port…

    Then there is Apple dropping professionals and prosumers completely with the new and dumbed down Final Cut X, forcing users over to Adobe Premiere (which isn't half bad, actually) and Avid, and then hitting them again by making it increasingly difficult to use anything other than Apple software. I'm not even going to talk about how they have made what used to be a great tool for web developers and IT professionals nearly completely useless by removing key features.

    While Microsoft has picked up most of the good features from OS X – and improved upon them (though not without a few hickups) – Apple has made changes that cater less and less to professionals, and they don't even seem to care about it. It has become clear that the future of most graphics and IT professionals does not lie with Apple in any shape or form. It's for fashion-fad consumers only. So yeah, my next professional computer isn't going to be a Mac.

    If I were to sum up Apple's business practice these days in one short sentence, it must be with these words: I feel betrayed.


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