MacBook Pro Accessories You Must Have (2016)

A Simple Click Really Helps

HooToo Hub:
Satechi Hub:
HyperDrive Hub:
USB-C to USB 3.0:
Power Adapter Ext. Cord:

USB-C to SD & Micro SD:
USB-C to Lightning:
USB-C to Ethernet:

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– Shot with a Lumix G7:
– Rode Video Micro:
– Joby GorillaPod (Don’t get this one):
– Better Joby GorillaPod (Get at least this size):



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  1. The flushed adapters and hubs are much more dangerous than cables for your MacBook Pro. The inflexibility of being flushed and thinnest of USB C can easily snap and remain stuck in the port or even damage the port much quicker through normal use than a cable.

    I can buy replacement cables but it'll be very expensive and hard to fix a broken port from using flushed.

  2. I may not be that tech savvy but why not if you already have the 2015 pro, stay with it? It seems like to me anyway that by buying the 2016 pro, you get a few things but have to buy so much more!. The power cord does not tell you if it is charging or not and it is not a break away, no USB's!….really Apple? No SD card slots?? I don't get it. And I know someone will say "you can buy that accessory" then again why not stay with the 2015 pro? I really don't get it, maybe someone can help me with this???

  3. Great video! I just wanted to add these two:

    1. Satechi Multiport adapter: Very similar to the Hoo Too, but you also get the Mini SD Card Reader, aaand even ethernet (because… why no?)

    2. Griffin Breaksafe: Magsafe alternative!

  4. Helpful video! As a small youtuber like yourself a little advice I could give you would be to slow your B roll footage. Other then that solid video bud keep up the work! And you got a sub!

  5. The extension cable for the charger is still in the box but you have to tear the plastic cover which is holding everything in the box. It's like a secret compartment. Saw in a youtube video the other day.

  6. You can actually use a ps3 (maybe also a old style ps2) power cable for the charger instead of the $19 one. Doesn't look the best (and might not be the best for your macbook, idk) but can work if you need one. Nice video, and good luck with ios!


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