MacBook Pro first look

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15 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

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  1. I really hope they release another MacBook Pro in 2017 that has a 32GB RAM option. macOS Sierra is a memory hog. I read they did not provide a 32GB option as that would cause higher power consumption. Perhaps Cannonlake will remedy this problem?

    I'm seriously thinking about buying a PC and switching back to Linux because 1) I'm constantly running out of memory, 2) the Touchbar is stupid, and 3) the ESC key is either non-existent sometimes or is probably offset too far to the right to be usable.

    Apple is no longer thinking about software developers.

  2. People are really missing the point when they say either "A touch screen would be better" or "The Touch Bar just displays stuff that is already on the screen in the first place". NO. The Touch Bar is meant to display application specific and even tool contextual shortcuts that would normally be buried in menus and submenus. And let's not forget about the ability to see your entire timeline in Premiere Pro and Final Cut in the Touch Bar whilst working in a more detailed view on the screen. Again, just having a touch screen would not allow for this.

  3. this design is stupid, why make touchpad bigger, and why make the touch bar smaller than a key? WHY??????? the answer is…. they make a more bigger touch bar in 2017 model.

  4. The price increase, the lack of touch screen, the CPU that's one
    generation behind at launch, the poor specs, the lack of SD card slot,
    the European price gouging, the upgradability nerf.

  5. Has anybody used the keyboard because it looks like it sucks so much? I used to love their old keyboards so much for that I guess. And apples just doing dumb stuff these days it seems I hope this mac actually improves the functionality. Or maybe i should just blame it on moores law


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