Make kodi more powerful with less buffering easy steps install easy advanced settings xbmc kodi 2016

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Make kodi more powerful with less buffering easy steps install easy advanced settings


The Advanced setting add-on create an xml file automatically called ” advancedsettings.xml file” in the folder userdata inside C: AppData folder and contaning the most important configuration such as networking, buffering, refresh rate, audio , video playback ,video library , input control, interface, file system, photo, music, artwork library, pvr, epg settings and many other.. that can be done easily by installing and configuring the easy advanced setting addon into kodi xbmc from the addon installer tool from inside your APP version as illustrated in video above..
An example of that we can take Network configuring as follow…
Network Configuration settings
curlclienttimeout at 10
Timeout in seconds for libcurl (http/ftp) connections
curllowspeedtime at 20
Time in seconds for libcurl to consider a connection lowspeed
curlretries at 2

Amount of retries for certain failed libcurl operations (e.g. timeout)
cache memory buffer size at 104857600 byte (approximately 100 megabyte)
number of bytes used for buffering streams in memory WARNING to consider: for the bytes set here, Kodi will consume 3x the amount of RAM (meaning 100MB = 300MB from your memory device) just determine that according your memory device.
When set to 0 ( the default) the cache will be written to disk instead of RAM, as of v12 Frodo –
buffer mode at 0 Choose what to buffer: 0) Buffer all internet filesystems (like “2” but additionally also ftp, webdav, etc.) (default) 1) Buffer all filesystems including local 2) Only buffer true internet filesystems streams http, etc.
3) No buffer
read buffer factor 4.0 this factor determines the max read rate in terms of readbufferfactor * avg bit rate of a video file.
This can help on bad connections to keep the cache filled. It will also greatly speed up buffering. Default value 4.0.
For more details and info at Kodi xbmc configuration settings
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  1. Thanks for that. Was SO easy to follow. Not like other sites that race thru the process. One MAJOR problem. Love my sport. Tried watching on Sky sport – the Cricket and rugby but the picture quality was terrible. Not clear at all. Very blotchy. Can you help as international rugby starts at the week-end.

  2. IF I did everything and at the end realized i figured out the wrong Cachemembuffersize what are the steps to go back and change the Cachemembuffersize? Do I have to start over? Please help and let me know what I have to do.

  3. I have installed Ultimate iptv addon when i click on channels it opens and 30 second stop playing,after i have done your buffering , i thought i will be working ok but same.about frizing some addons are frizing same and i will try to knight sport channel and let you know ; thanks anyway.

  4. lve just tried your settings,with the exception of the cache memory buffer size as l used my own settings on my laptop,and lve used Easy Advance Setting program in the past but lve got to say lve noticed the difference straight away.lm glad l came across your video,thank you.


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