Making of CGR Supreme & CGR Feature Review #1 by Classic Game Room

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Classic Game Room behind the scenes Making of CGR! Watch as I start the process of building and assembling the first Classic Game Room FEATURE REVIEW, a 90 minute action packed review of MUSHA. I also collect files and start to build the first CGR Supreme Collection which is like a greatest hits of Classic Game Room.



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  1. I rarely comment on YouTube, but I would love to see you're
    Demon's Souls review show up on CGR supreme. The beginning of that review where
    it cuts to the music and shows your character running up the stairs makes me
    laugh every time. Not to mention the bit about collecting more “soul” and
    becoming funkier with every demon you slay. You also say early in the review “This
    is the game everyone will be talking about” and here we are DS1, DS2, DS3 years
    later, you totally called it.
    I immediately went and bought that game after seeing that
    review. Haven’t looked back sense. Love that series and game to this day.
    Anyways, just wanted to share a little nostalgia and throw my
    2 cents in
    thanks for the years of great content mark
    longtime fan

  2. Hi Mark, just curious where you get the Genesis cases? I have a bunch of Genesis games without boxes, and It'd be nice to be able to print off covers and have something to store them in for consistency and protection. I found 3 packs on Amazon for $10, but that seems kind of expensive, I assume you found a better rate.


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