Man Walks into Apple store, SMASHES Every iPhone He Can Find

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A guy somewhere in France marched into the local Apple store and proceeded to smash all the display iPhones. We’re not sure what the cause of his rage is… maybe the missing headphone jacks on the iPhone 7?! Or perhaps he just hates Apple.

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  1. I had issues with the TALK and OFF buttons on a Panasonic home phone.  When the phone range the TALK button often wouldn't work and it'd keep ringing.  When I tried to end a call the OFF button wouldn't work either.  I eventually shot it lengthwise with my .357 revolver.

  2. I am going to reveal myself as a nerd, but that's okay. The reason that the villain being the hero's father motif is so popular in films now is because of that famous scene in Star Wars. In the early eighties, people actually were shocked because it was such a rarely used idea of storytelling when writing an epic. (Just like women warriors are everyday fare now, they were revolutionary in the mid-90s) Because epics, such as Star Wars, originate from a culture with a false understanding that goodness and nobility came from genetics, heroes in Western epics usually were from the noble classes. You came from your father who was a good king, so you automatically deserve a crown…you have good breeding, you must be good. That's why we call bad people, "bastards," because if you were a born a bastard, you were destined to be a bad person. (As in, he did a bad thing, so although I don't know him, he must have been born out of wedlock…) Of course, we've progressed from such thoughts, yet we still use the word. To know Luke was the offspring of Vadar would suggest to some people that he couldn't be trusted to be trained as a Jedi, because genetically he was more likely to turn to the dark side like his father. The hero comes from a villain, "inconceivable!" You all really must watch Princess Bride. ;)

  3. He did it bc he worked there and I don't remember what happened specifically but Apple owed him like $11,000 and they didn't give him the money so he broke that much worth of products

  4. They actually showed this on tv here in belgium, and they said that tjah'sta petanque ball and he smashed them bc apple did'nt want to refund his broken iphone or something

  5. perhaps he just fans apple ? he is the fans of apple, but , apple, oh ohh ohhh. . he said .'Give me my money back'. china apple said no no no . So. you know what's happening here ? This is happening here. . i can understant,

  6. I expected this to happen in china, but france? I have similar contempt for apple. Take away features like the headphone jack and call it courageous and innovation and then jack up the price. Apple is way overpriced for what you get and not in step with the rest of the industry. I used to like apple, but I don't know why people would blindly pay more when there are better value options out there. They've become a big bloated company like MS.

  7. Well I'm guessing he decided to take an iron ball instead of a hammer because he didn't want to be prosecuted for an additional charge of being in possession of an offensive weapon in public without an excuse (e.g. not being a carpenter or having just bought it and taking it home). I don't think an iron ball is classified as an offensive weapon.


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