MARVEL VS CAPCOM 4 Trailer Playstation Experience 2016 PS4

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MARVEL VS CAPCOM 4 Trailer Playstation Experience 2016 PS4

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  1. You know who I've wanted Capcom to bring back into the light since MvC 3?

    Gene from God Hand

    It's like no one's heard of that game. That game was hard as shit, but damn it was hilarious and fun. Gene's moveset and super moves practically write themselves

  2. This game has a high chance of disappointment look at SF5, characters are decent but the game lacks a lot itself, X men won't be in this one which is stupid! Original fans know that ryu vs wolverine was the icon of the game, look MvsC2!

  3. If the game isn't broken like all the other games,this game might be worth buying.All the other games had useless characters,which eliminated most of the characters right away from ever being used.e.g. Shuma Gorath was a terribly useless character.


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