MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA All Trailers And Gameplay Shown So Far (PS4 PRO/XBOX ONE/PC)

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All Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer and Gameplay so far!

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MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA All Trailers And Gameplay Shown So Far

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  1. So from what I've gathered, the first Ark leaves the Milky Way two years before the Reaper attack correct? Then they spend 600 years in stasis between the void before reaching Andromeda galaxy. Or did I get this mixed up… this is 600 years in the future then they leave?

  2. All I gotta say to Bioware is please let the Ryder twins be descendants of Shepard. It would make the pain bearable of playing a Mass Effect game without Shepard.

  3. Hate how only ME2 had good sprinting animations, unfortuneately sprinting was useless in that game. In ME3 you looked like you had shit yourself when you were sprinting, and my fears became reality when I saw that blue bag of fuck ugly sprinting like she primordially roared from her anus


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