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Wookie Wizard KODI – Megamind Build You will just love this

Here we have the awesome Mega Wookies build from the Wookie Wizard KODI – firstly check out the developers bio just here http://cssc0der.com/developers-megamind1973/ and you can see what he likes dislikes and how long he has been creating these awesome builds.

Wookie wizard KODI


This build comes with some amazing add ons and dedicated sections to The Alpha and Phoenix with the submenu broken down in to the specific add ons sub sections. This build has great images in the back ground with colour coded font that looks suited to the build. remember you can still further customise the build if you prefer different add ons or would like to remove others. These can then still be added to the menu via the menu setting. But the developer of the builds ensures that the video add ons provided are the most stable and has the most consistent uptime. Remember if you like this build then give @megamind1973 a shoutout on twitter and the wizard its held on | Which is the Wookie Wizard. The Wizard can be installed via


This WOOKIE wizard KODI is EPIC too so if you want international add ons then that is the wizard for you !! Even if you don’t install anything from the Wizard I urge you to check it out.




Enjoy and give massive Kudos to the guys and gals over at the Wookie Wizard KODI






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