Mike’s Game Room Setup 2016

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This is a quick little update to a video I made from last year about how my game room is set up. This time I discuss recording with Game Capture, Live Streaming, my game room setup for filming, and some new retro gaming devices since last time.

See Mike’s Game Room Setup video from 2015

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  1. One more thing Mike, I see that the labels you don't have for the Master system games, are the ones of the later Master system games that came out. the ones you have are from the older Master system games. I remember that even when Mega Drive games (Genesis) were out for a couple of years, Sega still brought Master system 2 games on the market even till 1996. The labels you seem to have are from games form the years 1990 till 1993

  2. Hey Mike, Donald Duck lucky Dime Caper was a game I played alot back in 1994 I think it was, youth memories, I liked the Antarctica stage the most. You got to make a video about that game on the channel, cause that game is great. Nice stickers you got for the master system ! Here in Europe you could still find Master system games if you would search well on internet, but it's becomming more and more rare. Good video !

  3. Hey Mike, about that controller for the AppleII, you need to calibrate it, I don't know the name of the software for the Mac, but for PC and Commodore you had little programs that usually came with some games, that'd let you calibrate the controller, it sucked because you had to do it every single time. Cool setup.

  4. Dude, you go through all the trouble of buying a Framemeister and you're still using composite to record gameplay? Only the NES, PC Engine and a few clone systems optimize through composite. Most of the consoles from the 80s and 90s optimize through RGB SCART, the Dreamcast optimizes through VGA, and all the others from the early 2000s use YPbPr component.

  5. Hey mike!! I have the same commodore monitor! I use it exclusively for NES and SNES to give it the back in the day feel.
    Anyhow love cinemassacre, james n mike mondays, and avgn keep it up man

  6. Very cool to see behind the curtain on what all goes into making these types of videos. Very jealous I'm envious of his collection and set up of all the consoles. All I have is emulators maybe one day I can have a setup like this

  7. I wish the AVS didn't have that big dumb flip-up lid… It's not so bad for the NES games but for the Famicom stuff you have to leave it open, so it just sticks way up.
    It's pretty cool otherwise, very tempting. I did the NESRGB upgrade a while back, and I'm really happy with it, but then I upgraded my TV and the new set has fewer analog inputs, and no S-Video… So I need to find a new solution.
    (I do have another NESRGB-modded system that I use with a CRT for a more classic experience – but I like to play in the living room, too)


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