Minecraft Xbox One / PS4 – 5 More Console EXCLUSIVE Features!

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5 more exclusive features For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

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  1. A portion of these features shouldn't have been praised so much, since most of them are more negative than positive.

    The TNT dampening I despise the most, because it ruins mass xp farming (until we get the "sword sweep").

    The map feature is more limited–while it is very nice that it snaps to a grid, there is no way to obtain smaller maps. And, F3 on PC would be far nicer to have because there is A LOT of useful information, and it would save an inventory slot by not having to carry a map around for coordinates.

    Resource packs are far customizable, specific to each player, and… free.

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    And then start freaking out and your friend will think that herobrine is real.

    This thing has probably done many times but im just sharing it with others

    (Btw srry for bad english im still learning the language)

  3. the village well thing is def a bug imo, if you create a large world most the time you will only find wells and no other structures such as villages or desert temples ect. you have to create a classic world first then switch it to large :/

  4. I have 3 versions of Minecraft: PE,PC,Console (XBOX ONE/360)

    I have a world on my pc version im trying to REMAKE in all my other versions! Like seriously remake block to block detail. Its 90% complete on PE and about 4% complete on XBOX 360/ONE 😛

    This is a bit random but if you dont want to read it, Carry on with the comments!

  5. Pc maps are better looking on item frames for bases or looking at details, also you can use your off hand for the map as well , and if you want to you can just expand the map if you don't want the small ones, Also any of these features can be got by plugins like the TNT one, Also Texture packs now know as resource packs Are free and better on pc, Unlike console texture packs that change textures, resource packs can be used to change sounds etc you can create 3D models and with cit you can even create extra items like a cross bow which uses a bow/pick axe to look like a cross bow by changing enchantment levels!

  6. so question. obviously you can get the frosted ice that you create from frost walker, but its just frosted ice. can you silk touch it when it is slightly cracked or really cracked with silk touch in order to get a cracked frosted ice, similar to the slightly damage anvil?


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