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I have had my MingleStick for a few weeks now and this device is so so cool. I remember when I was a Consultant and always checking on a Monday morning that I had enough business cards for the coming business week. Then having to waste them when I had changed my telephone number or email address, what a hassle. I also remember trying to obtain the telephone number of the cute lady in the disco, which was impossible against all the background noise. Why was this device not around in those ‘good old days’ as it would have made my life easier and been a lot more fun.

Have you heard about the MingleStick phenomenon?. Are you stuck on that ‘something different’ Christmas present idea?. Do you want to be one of the first in your group of friends or colleagues to own the newest – latest “gadget“?. Are you ready to move onto the ‘next level’ in terms of using Social Networking or retaining that Business contact?. Its a simple – yet powerful – social networking tool that is great for business meetings, keeping in touch with friends and for all social events!. The MingleStick enables two people to connect with a click of a button!. So what is all the buzz and excitement about!.


The MingleStick is a single-button device with an infrared sensor on one end and a capped USB connector on the other. When two MingleStick users meet, they both point their MingleSticks at each other and click the button to create a successful connection, which is indicated by a small green light. At the end of the day, they can each plug their MingleStick device into their computer; the Mingle360 website automatically launches and they can log into their Mingle360 account to view the connections they have made that day.


The MingleStick device holds up to 500 ‘mingle’ meeting sets of data and when connected to your computer resets back to this 500 each time you use it. No personal information is held on the device at any time, only your Mingle360 profile ID information from the Members area (and the person you have ‘mingled’ with) is stored when you have ‘mingled’, and then this is updated on the Mingle360 website. So if you lose your MingleStick or it is stolen or damaged no personal information can be retrieved.

So how simple is it to use the MingleStick:


Step 1: Press a button

Two users point their MingleSticks at each other and press a button. The red flashing light turns solid green to indicate a successful connection. The connection is made within a split second!. Just point and click!. It’s that easy!.


Step 2: Plug into a computer

Plug your MingleStick into a desktop or laptop computer that is connected to the Internet. Your MingleStick connections are then uploaded to the Mingle360 website. You will then be asked to login to the online account you create with a secure username and password.


Step 3: Review your connections

View the people you connected with using your MingleStick that day. Check out their profile pictures and contact information within your online address book. You can also visit their social profiles found of popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. The revolutionary MingleStick turns your real-world conversations into online connections!.

For those of you who need to keep in touch or simply want to be ‘different’ then some real life areas for maximum benefits of the MingleStick are :


The MingleStick represents the almighty electronic business card!. No need to trade business cards (boring!). No need to accumulate stacks of business cards (messy!).

No need to scan business cards (time consuming!)

Mingle360 is proud to present an innovative technology product that is simple to use and effective. With the press of a button, connect with business associates at trade shows, conventions, and business meetings. The MingleStick interfaces with an online address book for managing and organizing your contacts. For those people that manage their life using Outlook, Salesforce, etc, your data can be exported from our system into VCards and a ‘.CSV’ file. People are tired of business cards – give them something different – give them something to talk about!.

At your next event, make sure they’re using MingleStick technology!. Feel free to share our website with the event organizer. Purchase a MingleStick and use it as a great conversation starter and ice breaker at your next event. Buy a handful of MingleSticks and give them to your favorite customers. You’ll become the talk of the town!. No more Business Cards to buy again and again, and you know every time you make a small change or even a big change, the old business cards end up in the garbage while you have to buy new ones. No more searching for a lost card and unless you happen to be supper organized, how much time have you spent searching for a lost card.


The MingleStick is a cool gadget for sharing your social networking profile(s) with classmates and new friends. Just click to connect!. It’s never been easier to find someone on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Whether in class or out on a Friday night, the MingleStick creates buzz!. Just ask people if they “wanna mingle?” and watch their reaction. It’s a fun way to stir up a conversation!. Purchase a MingleStick and hand out a few to your friends. Be the first to start a cool new trend at your school or college!. Do you want to make sure your friends are jealous with envy or give them your information on a MingleStick of their own


The MingleStick technology represents an innovative networking solution that creates excitement and buzz at events. For the first time all attendees can network with each other with a simple click of a button. It’s a fun device that’s really easy to use. Social media is exploding and the MingleStick brings simple yet effective technology to live events. Attendees love the MingleStick because it facilitates networking and helps turn quick conversations into long-lasting online connections. Create an instant buzz at your next event. Include a MingleStick in that welcome package.


Create tremendous buzz at your next event with MingleSticks. Men and women want to mingle, so let them click with their MingleSticks!. No need for them to worry about pen and paper or business cards. Use MingleSticks to create promotions and retain your customers. Differentiate your establishment from the rest of the clubs in the local area. People will hear about the MingleStick and want to come to your club to check things out!. Amaze your patrons by giving them a MingleStick as a gift. Don’t let your competition beat you to the punch.

Join the MingleStick revolution with your very own social media USB drive device. Remember the MingleStick integrates with popular social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The MingleStick is a small, inexpensive keychain device that allows people to exchange identity information with a simple click of a button. The MingleStick simply creates a buzz wherever you go!. Catch on to the ‘latest must have’ excitement.

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