Mobile Phone – is it Safe or Unsafe

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In today’s modern trend, we hardly have a chance to think of a day without mobile phone. We are even so much addicted and dependable over mobile phone usage that when we do not even make or receive call, we depend on it for watching time, or date, or viewing messages.

But the question arises with the safety of mobile phone. How safe it is, or how much unsafe it is. Though there are lots of controversies around whether and how far mobile is unsafe to us. While some studies confirmed that there are no significant health hazards with the usage of mobile phone, the others concluded that the usage of mobile phone may affect health to some significant extent.

Is it unsafe?

A two-year study conducted in Finland argued that the radiation from mobile phones may affect human brain cells. They also emphasized that even a significant amount of radioactive remission may become harmful to the damaging of brain cells.

Precisely they explained that the exposure of brain cells to mobile phone radiation causes damage in blood-brain barrier. Blood-brain barrier is referred to as the safety barrier in the body that prevents harmful substances within the blood stream from penetrating the brain.

The damage primarily occurs for the shrinking of cells in blood vessels due to the radioactive exposure, enabling substance molecules to get into brain tissues.

Or still safe?

However, with all the possibilities, this is also true that yet there no lab tests have been conducted on human brain cells, but on animal brain cells. There is a need to implement this study over human cells as well. There is no scientific support regarding this damage. Thus further studies are needed to confirm whether it affects the human cells so profoundly too. So till it is not confirmed we may continue its using without any such fears. Till date, no research has been conducted to prove the radioactive effect on human brain cells, but few biological effects. So, scientists are neither putting their emphasis on unsafe usage of mobile phone nor they are arguing about the justification of any guidelines. Quite obviously, there is no Consumers’ Association affirming whether or not the safe usage of mobile phone.

The actions taken by Government or Governmental agencies also assured that there is no proven risk for health hazards associated with usage of mobile phone.

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