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Mobile phones have become an inevitable tool in the youth’s hand these days. Use of these mobile handsets can be encouraged when people are free and are not involved in work. Once it comes to the use of mobiles in the workplace, it is vital to follow certain rules and norms that are designed by the organization. The needs for these norms are due to the distraction caused by mobiles in workplace, thus leading to reduction in concentration, loss of productivity, extension of working hours and so on. So it has become necessary to avoid the distraction caused by the electronic device in our everyday work.

Disrupting mobile handsets

Mobile phones have become a serious irritation to people around the ones who are using it. It causes chaos in work environment and leads to errors in results. Due to the continuous links between people and mobiles, interpersonal relationship in working environment gets affected and this leads to lack of proper communication. The result is lower production. In order to avoid all these mishaps, it is better to regulate certain policies by the organization regarding the usage of the distracting device.

Though cell phones have the above quoted disadvantages, there are certain circumstances that highlight the necessity of mobile usage. For instance, these handsets play a vital role in the hands of business people in order to stay connected with the network and important contacts all through the day.

Many recent researches have focused much on the attitude of employees towards the latest technology of mobile usage and have concluded that by increasing stress levels in workplaces, these mobile handsets cause as much harm as good. Due to the inappropriate and excessive use of mobiles in the working environment, it has become difficult to maintain the harmonious and industrious ambiance without the addition of stress and anger. Surveys pose that only 10% of people support the usage of mobile within workplace and during important meetings while the remaining are against the phenomena of texting and attending calls whilst at work.

Rules and regulations to be laid by the company

Individual and private concerns have the power to create their own norms regarding the use of mobiles within the organization. This may have resulted due to security reasons, especially because of the boom in using camera in mobile handsets and the interruption of mobile signal waves in the effective operations of the company. Many software Industries have legally banned the use of mobile handsets in the work desk and have strictly advised employees to switch off their mobile handsets once they are inside their cubicle and to use it during breaks hours and lunch time only. In certain concerns, each employee is given a unique number to be contacted by family members in case of emergency, when the individuals mobile cannot be reached. This policy has been welcomed by many companies as both employer and the employee are comfortable in handling their personal life without interrupting their professional line.

Mobile etiquette

With all the newer policies being implemented around the corner, it is mandatory for the working individual to be aware of the basic etiquette about the usage of mobiles in work place.

  1. Make sure that your mobile is profiled to the silent or vibratory mode while at work.
  2. Do not encourage yourself to answer your cell phones whilst in a meeting.
  3. In case of emergency calls and personal calls, silently slip out of your work area and talk privately such that your colleagues are not disturbed.
  4. If it is necessary to talk over the phone in the presence of your colleagues, do so in a lower tone.

These are the few tips that could be followed in the workplace to avoid the usage of mobile phones and cause distractions.

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