Mobile Phones: Effect on Kids

Mobile phones have metamorphosed into an all-in-one device. They are becoming extremely popular among all age groups. Kids are also not left out from their mighty effect. In fact, a huge number of kids have been reported to use the mobile phones all across the globe. But the question is why the mobile phones are so popular among the kids? Reasons may be various-gaming facility, SMS, MMS, web access, music, camera and so on.

No doubt, mobile phones have multiple functionalities, but have you ever thought about the effects of mobile phones on kids? Many doctors say that mobile phones may not be a good thing to use for those kids because while communicating, the data transmitter and receiver use microwaves for the purpose which can exert bad effect on the heath of the kids. Although the effect is very slack on the health of the grown ups, it’s definitely more harmful for kids due to immaturity. So, prolonged use of mobile phones can cause severe health problems for the kids.

Another negative point providing kids with mobile phones is that it may put a hindrance between children’s mind and their studies. If your child keeps itself busy on the mobile phone instead of studying what would be your reaction? You would definitely be angry-isn’t that? I have seen many children who spend hours on chatting on the mobile phones instead of doing some physical activities like playing outdoor games and so on. But frankly, in today’s scenario mobile phones have greater charm than studies. Therefore, use of mobile phones pose loss to children’s studies.

But, if you want to provide your children with mobile phones for safety purposes, then, you need to be very strict. Before giving them mobile phones, you need to sit with them and talk to them about their pros and cons.

Source by Andrena Markley

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