More Gaming on a $4300 MacBook Pro

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FULLY LOADED $4300 MacBook Pro vs GTA V, Battlefield 1, Witcher 3 & Tomb Raider. Do Optimized Games Run Better on AMD Pro 460?



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  1. Is the upgrade from 450 to 460 worth it ? I already have an Alienware 15 with GTX 980m for gaming but for college I need a lighter laptop. I don't plan on gaming on this but still is it worth it ?

  2. I've actually been expecting apple to finally get it and produce something that can game
    but they're still fucking up

    i mean sure u can have laptops for work or whatever but then there's got to be laptops for gaming too, apple has a lot to catch up on

    and what is apple good for in working? nobody is explaining how they're better for work than pc laptops yet, working would involve using programs at work and i can do that just fine on 600 dollar worth pc laptops, i can still do that on outdated laptops

  3. Rather don't do gaming stress tests if you know little about it. The amount of wrong stuff you are doing is astonishing and I'm no expert myself. It's a rip off machine no doubt however you are misinforming everyone through your lack of common stress test knowledge

  4. "it's not for gaming"

    well then it's basically pointless to pay that much for that laptop, im sure the previous models would be far cheaper, you're not going to game on the laptop so you might as well get a previous model with lower specs because those would be cheaper, u can save money or heck get a pc laptop at any specs but cheaper there are 600 dollar pc laptops you can buy, what's great about PC computers is that you get such a wide selection on what laptops and computers you can buy that you can get what you want while keeping the pricing at an all time low

    how well a computer can game is a good way to benchmark to how good the performance of the computer is overall, u cannot use the excuse that "it's not for gaming therefore this test is irrelevant" gaming pushes every spec to it's limit

    laptops with those kinds of specs is no more expensive than 1000 dollars maybe even cheaper, what im saying is if you bought this you got ripped off big time, if u want to argue about the battery life and it's sleek design there are PC models with both good battery life and has a sleek design, really no argument there, there is a lot more third party computers to choose from in the PC world, Apple laptops are set in stone and freaking expensive

  5. can all yall just shut the fuck up about "you can buy a pc/laptop for this much and it'll play everything" like who tf don't know that. it's his channel and he's just doing him. weirdos these days bruh


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