MTD Reviews Volo’s Guide to Monsters D&D 5e

I give a first impressions review of the latest publication from Wizards of the Coast for Fifth Editions Dungeons & Dragons: Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

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  1. I was told by a younger group that i am a power gamer. So I sead ok I will play a scrounger nothing out side of things i find in game and a little prescavenged. I played in second edition/pathfinder a character i loved a "Redeemed" these are kobolds that are rare to survive they show the coloring of a metallic dragon and generally are good aligned. He is named Slate he is a Black Kobold and has a silver under belly. He is also a miss guided Wizard/Scribe Master school form pathfinder. He grew up in the mounds of plent or as known above the the dumping cave. there are legands in the city of "Dragons in the sewers"

    My Gear
    I made the DM pick my spells (he chose random roll) with one must have the cantrip acid splash because every black kobold needs "a breath weapon). Also i did not keep a book i had a bandoleer (made of what i insist is dragon back bone) of "scrolls" i found all of which was corrected by my master (He was a miss be gotten drow that got trapped by a cave in. i traded food for knowledge the passage was to small that i used)
    loincloth robe (really a woman's slinky black dress turned backwards that he insisted was a built in back pack),
    His Wizards staff a humans fine walking stick with a cracked crystal ball on top,
    A bent and broken pair of cleat rose quarts medium sized
    (He insisted was magical that i used as an arcane focus for the spells like Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, and Identify)

    I wanted to play him in out of the abyss but the dm though i was crazy. i just image getting away from the Drow camp and you turn a corner to sell something BBQ you have never smelled anything so good after the camp food. You turn a corner and see a shadow the party makes a fear check because on the back wall of the cave you see the shadow of a dragon on all fours. you bravely creep we in because there is no other way. You walk in to the cave to find a Kobold laying like a dog chewing on a wing of some type. He quickly stands and backs away frightened of the party holding his hands up. He looks at the party and think his Bat Wing then he looks at the party then the wing. Holding out his half eaten wing and asks Red Dragon Bat Wings. If the party agrees Slate would do some more bat hunting in the next cave does some magical hunting sleep spell is an amazing was to hunt bats.

    I hope this comment is not to long lol

  2. Thanks for sharing. I picked up the special cover and the regular cover versions. I just haven't had time to look through it and your video was perfectly what I was looking for to accelerate my information consumption in short order. ^_^

  3. woot picking mine up today just came in at my LGS (limited edition cover).  Also for new monsters check out kobold press tome of beasts. over 400 new monsters for 5th edition! hard cover. awesome!


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